Kreidler Dice CR 125 Custom Bike 2017

Veterans put remind Kreidler, German manufacturer of motorcycles hit hard in the 1950s of the 20th century in Germany and triumphed in competition with 50cc bikes in the 1970s motorcyclists in the world and in the early 1980s how angel Nieto and his 1975 World. Now this Kreidler tribute at this time with Kreidler says CR 125.
The Kreidler Dice CR 125 retro design combined with the latest technology. Optics built the bike 125cc in homage to the glory days of Kreidler Florett RS-70:

Kreidler Dice CR 125 Custom Bike 2017

the classic line is highlighted by a Heckburzel tight to the seat 2 people and the exhaust system in stainless steel with silencer elegant megaphone. Your powerful suit should the CR DICE 1-cylinder engine with 125 cc, which provides a power of 8.3 kW 11.3. Thanks to the volume of the tank of 15 liters and over long distances are not a problem.

For security, the generously sized disc brakes, which are also a nod to modernity is more powerful that drum brakes provide. They can be an excellent dosage and safety in all situations. Set individually with an inverted Telescopic fork suspension guarantees easy handling and cornering safely.

Tidy cockpit ensures in all situations of driving for the necessary overview. With a smart display of speed and odometer in the retro look has the performance of the CR-125 is always in sight. is supported the necessary overview by sitting relaxed but sporty and cool handlebar cover.
In practice, it is a retro 125cc rider with stains of coffee on the design of the dome and how Pollock to end double seat. Retro details follow in their 17-inch radial tires, the design of the side panels and four-stroke single-cylinder engine of 125 cc air-cooled giving 11.3 ch and powered by carburetor.

The Kreidler says CR 125 has also a few modern touches like its inverted forks, disc brakes on both axles of type wave 295 mm and 210 mm respectively, LED taillight or speedometer in the instrument.

This is a good bike for beginning riders, since the height of the seat from the ground is 740 mm. This and a maximum speed of 90 km/h subject to the bike in an urban area, such as Kreidler 50 cc of yesteryear.
However, to access this bike Its price in Germany is 2,599 euros and it does not go far to see the Spain.

Kreidler DICE CR 125 Bike 2017 by bikesdoctor

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