Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017

  • This Harley-Davidson Freewheeler 107 2017 availability immediate with the Price from 29 € 850 to the 15/09/2016.
  • Available Colors: Orange, red, black, grey
  • Warranty: Two years, parts and labor unlimited mileage
  • Approval: license of driving, Euro 4

The Hot Rod from Harley road and it is an official tricycle, new engine 107 Freewheler accessible from the B car permit, we just try States. A style three wheel and the player!

Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017
The 3/4 view back of the Freewheeler is a spectacle in itself same! Trunk of fashion in the style of “cars American” commissioned of the inter-war, double pot with outputs beveled integrated in them low of the vehicle, them fender rear “Bobtail” rims of aluminium well rounded and tires of 15 inch booted with 205 mm of width, the new Harley-Davidson tricycle cheek of the car of racing. To attract drivers of automobiles B as all fans of the genre, so it offers a classic look to the United States, the part decorated with its 19-inch wheel, its sparkling mix of the gondola and the handlebar “mini Apehanger” does not betray. Otherwise!

Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017
Tri Glide Ultra then based in Electra Glide-the first official of three wheels Harley-Davidson introduced in France in 2014-is open tricycle Freewheeler American of interval towards below. For more short, with its chassis redesigned and lighter, that really want more accessible. In addition, its price makes that is much more affordable to the Tri Glide. But it is not really universal, so far, counting the end starting price €29.850, and even 507 kg kerb against 564 kg in the Tri Glide! However, its behavior is easy. Best, surpassed the milestone of its discovery, it becomes simply playful. See how!

A tricycle for all!

Belle Online chosen as this new Freewheeler, discovered their lands original in the USA-in the frame of it revolves polygon of tests of Harley-Davidson 2017. Your Chair placed at a low height 700 mm above the ground cows! invites all sizes to deal with, rather than as a Can Am Spyder or Threewheeler Morgan, the machine does not tilt! More concern for ground support, therefore, stability at rest is provided by the three wheels of Freewheeler. And as in Washington – and in other parts of the “stars and stripes” – the rise of files is prohibited, there is no possibility of losing composed essentially of motorcycles during this tour package. What began the adventure with confidence!
This serenity is reinforced by the claws of the new Trike that, thanks to its two seater Chair “limited scope” advanced of 2.5 cm and the handlebar of commands return the driver, it offers a good control of the management. This small great hanger has top handles, but arms are not also posed and the driver adopts a straight posture, while recessed seat offers perfect support for the lower back. Cool!

Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017
Action! The use of V-Twin awakening takes us back to our tests of all the costs of the Road King Classic, street glide and CVO special batch of 2017 Street glide. For the model of tourism atypical, in place sacker in mind, Freewheeler is driven by the eight Milwaukee new engines, a great double 107 or 114 below that here in 107 already is inactive by their acoustic: an identity preserved vibration of the sound and the interference of noise mechanical, reinforced by the adoption of silence truncated. That emanates from the same “Patato” modernized as the Tourer Harley 2017, a bit more serious. Control of flexible clutch and easy commitment to the first report by the switch from double branch, “Klong”, springs of heavy machines, stunted…
Its back is free of triangulation, the steep edge of the road which starts transmissions on every fact of the deformation of chassis, air chambers actually can absorb. Quite firm, showing little movement, react strongly. This irregular surface, the crew is suddenly stirred. Fortunately the road is narrow and on smooth asphalt, on the back of three-wheeled stability and accuracy are more convincing.

Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017
On the roads and paths of the secondary network, handling convinces even at high speed 100 mph during a peak of meters of caution because sheriffs make…. Its rigid structure ensures indeed a perfect fit in line and its management under the supervision of a shock, not to Miss vivacity.

On the rise that now leads to the Rocky Peak and mount Angeles, winding route profile highlights a behavior similar to a sidecar or a quad. To turn right, so you have to push hard to the left handle and vice versa. Fortunately, the leverage offered by the small “Apehanger” well bent is important. Bolts, with its shortened chassis of 7.5 cm compared to the Tri Glide, turns Freewheler flat! More easily.
But fatigue curves of speed, centrifugal force and imposes steep support legs to stay on board. It work on them dimensions side of the new Big Twin of Harley was, however, the importance of the new box of air hinder the movement of the side right. And as in the curve of supports that we have to curl more mechanical US tourer motorcycles, cooking sensation appears quickly.

Part of the donuts

It should also be slow on curves and manage the throttle carefully to be relined. Otherwise, under the pressure of large torque Harley V-Twin, rear, perfect engine, pushing forward, making unavoidable the progress of his career. In addition, the Freewheeler requires anticipation. Hard brake at the front is in fact banishing because it lacks wheel ABS may contain the resulting mass of tricycle. Synonymous with straight, the lock is then easy and manage braking joining through the right pedal is not conducive to feel climbing.

Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler Test 2017
The Freewheeler therefore is no exception to the rule: as any tricycle, has to contend with a manual. But in so far as not exists the margin before put it in its default a lift wheel rear for example!, once this operation registered, vehicle recreational offers its share of sensations. In the driving dynamics in virolos, even the way to drift on the surface of the furniture – gravel parking – you are the donut King! In asphalt dry, on the other hand, not to slip back. What we would cause a problem almost Finally, because now that the domain, the 107 appears the power enough. I must say that still pulls a hundred pounds more than two-wheeled vehicles in the Touring range you are trading this same engine.

Test Conclusion: the alternative coupes sports

This ride atypical comes to its end. To park the voluminous team have requested their reverse electric… non-payment of our test model. It’s empollon! However, its brake of parking mechanical works well on your pedal placed waters above the table of left running, avoiding that the Freewheeler by the pending. We get our work to the wide opening of the trunk in all its width, a trunk has capacity for two of all the face, and them guests is of wonder that in them volumes of sale of said vehicle singular still with us.
Well precisely, although volumes have nothing comparable with the segment of motorcycles, which are not insignificant. When has the Tri Glide come on the market, for example, with 200 records that has captured the market share of 25%, a segment dominated by Can Am 65%. He second year, still is sells 160, it enough as for strengthen Harley-Davidson in his wish of develop your tricycle range in France through the introduction of the Freewheeler today. A tricycle should return to attract to it most of them motorists (Harley-Davidson Announces 55% of them dealers authorized in the Tri Glide the first year), the permission B that those small coupés sports and convertible of others 30,000 € will seduce more.

There are some finding are positive in this current tri wheeler car:

  • The look
  • Driven Character
  • Stability sounds good
  • And Duo

However , these finding preserve negative sign to approve it.

  • Like its has No ABS
  • It’s Price
  • And Faulty reverse
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