Royal Enfield Continental GT SOCKS 4 the Indian Motorcycles

The rebound of the retro bikes or classic style is explained by a type of bike to user who is well aware of the marketing of the brand. Royal Enfield also jump on the bandwagon of this trend “postureo” with the presentation of the Royal Enfield Continental GT good Shocks.

Royal Enfield Continental GT SOCKS 4

This is a limited edition of only 4 striking particularly colorful printed by sober retro Indian units. It is collaboration with the Indian brand of socks happy shocks, characterised by the colours of their clothes.

It seems a bike decorated by a child of 5 years with the chassis and the mirrors in red; optical housing, fenders and fuel tank cap back in yellow; Green tank with white vinyl and the front fender, swingarm and rear cushions in blue.

The seat design, with a new special is Pollock cover in leather and style checkered flag graphic. It’s not a joke, shock and Happy has designed a jet helmet adaptation and a line of socks and underwear with logos of Royal Enfield. It would certainly be the perfect bike for Micolor clown.Royal Enfield Continental GT SOCKS 4

Otherwise, there is no change in the performance of the bike. Yet his engine single cylinder 535 cc, 29.1 HP at 5100 rpm and 44 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm for a top speed of 140 km/h. It has a seat of 800 mm above the ground, a weight of 184 pounds and a deposit of 13 liters running.

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