Yamaha YZF-R 1 M Racing Experience 2017

Yamaha has developed a good way to keep your Yamaha YZF – R 1 M to honor each year. The manufacturer sells fingerboards each year a limited number of units through the online registration. Thus, in addition to announcing your most capable sport every year at this time, ensures that only experienced drivers and private teams can be made with one of its units.

Yamaha YZF-R 1 M Racing Experience 2017

Now announced reserve units Yamaha YZF – R 1 M 2017, online registration will begin on October 11, and deliveries will be made in March 2017. The number of units or the price of the same is not known, although in past races were 500 units at a price of 25,900 euros

Remember about the standard Yamaha YZF – R1 R 1 M boasts an electronic suspension Öhlins ERS, a fairing in carbon fiber that mimics the Yamaha YZR – M1 MotoGP of, swing arm and cradle back in magnesium, the tire back with a width of 200 mm or more set-telemetry through more advanced electronic sound.Yamaha YZF-R 1 M Racing Experience 2017

As in the R1 standard charts have been revised decoration Blu Carbon Silver and has been updated to the stalled engine Euro 4-cylinder 998cc sound of 200 horses at 13,500 revolutions per minute and 112,4 Nm of torque at 11,500 towers. Motorcycle racing weight is 200 pounds, so that the ratio weight/power is 1: 1. and can be booked from October 11.Yamaha YZF-R 1 M Racing Experience 2017

Anyone who makes a Yamaha YZF – R1 2017 will have the right to participate in the Experience Yamaha Racing event. They will be organized in summer 2017, includes two days in different European circuits where the Yamaha experts will teach users how to adjust the bike with electronic possibilities offered by the model. There are also lots on the right track with the advice of Yamaha riders recognized to implement what they have learned.

Certainly, we can offer Yamaha now your customers to feel like real pilots.

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