Yamaha MT-10 SP Supernaked Motorcycles 2017

The highlight of the new Yamaha 2016 was the Yamaha MT-10, a supernaked seen wearing in the new generation of Yamaha YZF – R1 to the road. Iwata seems that someone was not entirely satisfied with the result, as in February 2017 will be available Yamaha MT-10 SP or a Yamaha”Special Edition”.

Yamaha MT-10 SP 2017 by bikesdoctor
A little updates happened in the years 2017 as the Yamaha MT-10 release in the spring of 2016 and offering extra SP version electronic suspension. However, an other improved allocation and the emergence of a gear lever. The aesthetics of this year does not change.

This variant based on the performance of the MT-10 is considered to be appropriate in the Yamaha YZF – R 1 M derived from MotoGP, with a differential setting, more capable suspension and a spectacular instrumentation. The look is particularly striking for example dress decoration carbon rims Blu money with matching blue, silver fork gold and fairing.

Yamaha MT-10 SP Supernaked Motorcycles 2017

What most appreciate the more aggressive riders will be your Ohlins suspensions RHS with suspension of the unit’s electronic control. Both the fork 43 mm and rear single shock adjust their behaviour with integrated sensors of transport. This leads to another dynamic level regarding the MT-10 standard.
The sale to the by most 4-cylinder roadster derived from the latest R1 has therefore a new assignment for the year 2017, for a more precise dosage and a more fluid response to the throttle. During our test in the spring, we had indeed, in particular, found in a “good sports” as a supposed to inflate the range low and medium, while B is actually full, harsh reactions to the gas cut.

Power and torque are not moving concern, and this modification must highlight even more the performance of 4-cylinder crossplane.

A shifter made its appearance in the series to allow uninterrupted gas shift upward. It is not change down because the attending a limited slip clutch.

The other branch of this special edition is its TFT HD screen with all kinds of information. It has light and dark depending on the time of day to not be orphaned in this regard.

Here are some rest of features are improved:

  • Line 4-cylinder type engine stalled 998cc with 160 HP at 11,500 rpm and 111 Nm of torque at 9500 towers.
  • Quick change system (QSS).
  • The electronic control technology, including TCS traction and power D-Mode with multiple cards.
  • Clutch slip assisted (A & S).
  • Disc brakes (320 mm double and single 220mm)
  • Battle clients, only 1400 mm.
  • 17 liter tank.
  • Empty weight of 210 pounds.
  • Great appearance
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