BMW R NINET Classic by Roland Sands Historical Icon

One of the most classic icons of the history of BMW Motorrad is your BMW R5 1937. Now nearly 80 years after its launch, we have a spectacular reinterpretation of the hand of Roland Sands with the modern and retro basic BMW R NINET. The result is the BMW R NINET classic, so retro and modern design performance.

BMW R NineT Classic by Roland Sands Bike by bikesdoctor

These are the some key steps followed by the prestigious California BMW coach:

  • Hutch 19 inch front wheel.
  • Custom fender.
  • Enlisted into the front fender.
  • Strong style of the original bike.
  • Sosa specific chassis Metal Works.
  • Modified rear subframe.
  • GP forks in black.
  • Öhlins suspension rear.
  • Single seat padded by Rich.
  • Specific exhaust with dual output.
  • Caps and lids RSD.BMW R NINET Classic by Roland Sands Historical Icon

Roland Sands said prove it after is the fastest BMW R NINET has tried so far. Probably the most beautiful. Better than the BMW R NINET Racer?
However, a short video about the last motorcycle made by Roland Sands Design. Roland says: we wanted to draw motorcycles, classic, beautiful lines of the first machines from BMW. Really had a very clean appearance, chopped I think difficult to reproduce with a modern machine. Fortunately, 9T is a fairly simple cutting machine. This was actually the first one that dissected the 90’s concept.

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