FGR Midalu 2500 V6 Bike 2016

We knew the boss Hoss V8 and 6.2 l and 445 horses to consider as future bike the Midalu FGR 2500 V6 as a machine to look at very large roadster and Czech origin.

FGR MIDALU 2500-V6 2016 Motorcycles by bikesdoctor

Of course its is feature more important, based in the use of a motor V6 of 2,500 cm3 almost develops more than 240 horses of force and a pair promises simply enormous. Its equipment and the finish not is are with the suspension Ohlins and brakes Brembo of high level, and some parts of great beauty as the tilting of solid or of extraction in six outputs. The weight is not left with 262 kg of dry matter, despite the massive use of carbon. In terms of the quantity, but that also is linked with the excesses of the Beast already FGR will claim €120,000. Remember, FGR participated in the Championship world of Moto3 in 2012 including the 7 from Jasper Binder in the great award of France.

rare and engine, 6 cylinder is sufficiently uncommon motorcycle be acclaimed as soon as present in a brand. Without integrity include flat 6 of the Goldwing, the 6 line of Kawasaki Z 1300 Honda CBX 1000 BMW K 1600… Other manufacturer hopes to be more widely known with the presentation of a roadster with a V6. Japanese? Italian? German? No, Czech. This is the FGR. This name is unknown to the majority of cyclists; It is much more in the Grand Prix paddock, with his presence in Moto3.

By road, the FGR has become something powerful, somewhat unusual, just hiding his game. Balaise, the ship might think had a combination of Ducati and Morini, perhaps with a small accent Guzzi. 45 designers who opened the head until a certain Stanislav Hanus project is approved. The beast has managed to provide beautiful devices such as inverted 43 mm Öhlins fork, a beautiful same amorto Bill, excellent radial Brembo callipers, magnificent oscillating arms of aluminum billet, wheels OZ racing, carbon parts. But between the tubular steel chassis tubes, exceptional engine expects the brave and beautiful mechanics lovers.

6 cylinders in V, 2.442 cm3, 240 horsepower. Fear! The v-Max, Rocket III and ZX-10R can go cry. This huge block opened to 90 ° weighs no less than 107 kilos, which causes a heavy burden for the entire machine. But the 200 Nm of torque to lift the Midalu and 270 kg dry without problems. To give birth to this engine, its creator Ulrich Kreuj has spent two years working on it. The block appears in 2008, but will have to wait 2 years before being implanted in the Midalu. Destined to an excess, this bike is shipped not only the largest, but also the most powerful production engine… If confirmed their marketing and the FGR 2500 Midalu slow to express the hands of rich enthusiasts.

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