Suzuki Motorcycles GSX-S

The small roadster GSX-S 125, obviously, takes as a basis the GSX-R 125 presented in the last colony. With this roadster presented in Milan, Suzuki intends to play a major role in a category so far neglected.
This vehicle Suzuki takes the sport base GSX-R 125 unveiled at Intermot in Cologne the month passed without further technical details. While the power and torque are still unknown, we know a little more today.Suzuki Motorcycles GSX-S

The 4 valve head of dual axis and liquid cooled engine cylinder is completely new with an injection shot double cylinder treated against friction and a 6-speed gearbox. With dimensions of super-cuadrada 62 mm lead 41.2 mm stroke, bet that it will take turns and reach 11 legal kW without any problem. Must be an attractive performance with large valves and throttle body 32 mm. Motorbike breathes through a box of air of 4.3 liters and expels gas with a dual exhaust outlet. Bicycle adopts attended incoming, that requires a pulse, launched by the new SV 650.Suzuki GSX-S 125 Small Roadster 2017

As was of wait, the GSX-S 125 is full of many elements to the GSX-R 125. It is obvious that begins with the single cylinder 4-stroke with electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling, equipped with a sensor of 6 and an air box large volume. The wheelbase of 1300 mm should give you a good maneuverability, especially because the dry weight was announced as the 133 pounds. In comparison with the GSX-R GSX-S adopts a higher driving position since the handle will be held 10 cm higher than in sports.Suzuki GSX-S 125 Small Roadster 2017

For young people, the GSX-S is equipped as standard with latest generation Bosch ABS, aluminum wheels, lobed brake discs, front LED lighting and a matrix of transition of clock ultra complete digital, fuel and transmission gear indicator indicator, for example. Available in black, red or blue, the Suzuki GSX-S will be displayed on the toolbar of the €4 00 if it is to compete with the KTM Duke 125 and Yamaha MT-125.

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