Kawasaki Z650 the ER-6n 2017

After the Ninja 650 presented at Intermoto replace the ER-6f, so that here has its version naked roadster unveiled of truth at the fair in Milan… The Z650 retains elements of its predecessor in a sporty style, but is still accessible.
One that is destined to continue the brilliant career of the ER-6f schools, friend success of sales and motorcycle and allowed young between Z in the family: a more aggressive and sporty heritage that is recognized at first sight eye. However, Kawasaki has taken in fact the basis of the previous Remix to 2017 sauce. Have to be sufficient to deal with the competition, Yamaha MT-07 lead?

Kawasaki-Z650 2017 by bikesdoctor

More accessible than the ER6

Finished the curves of the ER-6, until the edges taut to the fire before the facets, and the first fruits. Features rear LED of course, a signature Z. There is a much more vertical manner from the passenger seat, which accentuates the sporty character of the vehicle, especially if you are offered optional seat cover. The driver’s seat is lower: 790 mm instead of 805. Gallery is slim too, so access will be even easier for the small templates. We will see what gives a point of view of the ergonomics of the new wide, flat handlebar instead of the curved element of the ER-6.
Under the eyes, the new instrumentation has an analog tachometer with shift light adjustable, equipped with a digital display that finally appears an indicator for March, as well as partial and total mileage two trips, range, the consumption of fuel average and instantaneous, outside temperature, temperature of the refrigerant, time and economic conduct witness.

kawasaki z650 eicma 2017
As seen in the Ninja 650, the trellis chassis and swingarm always with “banana” plugs were reviewed for the benefit of weight. The Z650 shows 187 kg dry, with 206 for the ER-6, which has lost 19 kg and 1 liter of tank to step 15 to 16.
In the same way, the shock absorber now links to leave the right side of a more traditional horizontal position, in order to improve precision and comfort. kawasaki z650 eicma 2017The braking system has not changed; the ABS will be standard in Europe.
The two cylinders of 649 cm3, Euro4, has been revised for greater efficiency in the midrange, between 3000 and 6000 rpm. Maximum power was slightly reduced result of the transition to an excess of 4 euros, a 50.2 kW (68 HP) at 8000 rev / min, for a slightly higher pair 65.6 Nm at 6500 r / min and still bridable to 35 kW for the A2 permission. The former was the development of 53 kW to 8500 rev / min and 64 Nm at 7000 r / min. Power and the maximum torque reached a lower regime confirm the likely approval in the midrange. Finally, the clutch and assisted slipper reduces the effort to gear down and facilitates.

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