SafeMO Presented Smart City Expo 2016 Safety Program

If you are a regular user of car and motorcycle, you will agree that active safety on four wheels is one or two step with regard to the two wheels. Experts in R & D that work Altran to reduce this distance and therefore presented at the Smart City Expo 2016 World Congress in Barcelona, the SafeMO system. This system aims among other things to predict accidents by providing information on the biker who could not take advantage so far.

SafeMO Presented Smart City Expo 2016 Safety Program
SafeMO consists of a screen, replacing the classical instrumentation, several sensors and helmet integrated fit created in a wide range of motorcycles. With its sensors, the system can inform the driver of a risk of head-on collision, if the inclination of the bike is excessive, you create blind spots during lane change or if you exceed the speed limit. The rider can through voice commands from the headset interact with an intuitive interface, which goes well beyond the provision of a classical instrumentation far. The potential is high, because it also provides navigation, warnings of air quality, integrates an anti-theft system, warnings safe, driving eCall emergency auto accident, the black box…

SafeMO Presented Smart City Expo 2016 Safety Program
SafeMO also adds value to the management of the fleet, because there the geolocation of the bike can coordinate several motorcycles driving in traffic equipment or other opinions. It is a technology which already exists, is not science fiction and now only work for their implementation is as fast as possible and affordable about all parties, costs the providers, manufacturers and users.

I hope that the Government could give a boost in this direction because their aims seems very bright.

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