Mash Green Goblin Stylish Bike by Wrench King

Mash Green Goblin, in own construction engines you think quickly or models popular old school have been converted, or thick V-Twins, but it is also a budget-bike proves importing MASH motorcycle Mondo with her by Wrench Kings made special according to the Scrambler MASH…Is one of the sectors of activity as a retro Mash bikes manufacturer to offer classic motorcycle economic base to undertake all kinds of preparations on a tight budget, an example of this is the ‘Green Goblin’ Motors Mash was shown to the EICMA 2016.

Mash Green Goblin Stylish Bike by Wrench King

The creation has been in service to the importing coach of Motomondo key, Mash official bike for the Netherlands, the Belgium and the Luxembourg. Do not expect a production version.

Mash Green Goblin Stylish Bike by Wrench King
It built in only four weeks from a Mash Scrambler 400 in practice is a mix of styles to have a runner dome of coffee, bike tank and seat scrambler bike for Flat Track.

Here are the some key featured work on it:

  • Custom style handlebar tracker.
  • Custom dome.
  • Beacon Reno 7 inches.
  • Brake Cam and Brembo clutch.
  • Orders and Domino gas.
  • Fists propeller Biltwell.
  • Instrumentation Mini motoscope motogadget.
  • Single seat upholstered in Toniworks leather.
  • Battery the lithium-ion battery under the seat.
  • New 16-inch radial tires.
  • Tyres Firestone of classic style.
  • Escape-specific.
  • Fire LED rear Perspex.Mash Green Goblin Stylish Bike by Wrench King

Mash Retro Medley
It is certainly highlight what you can do with the money from a series Mash.

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