Zero New Electric Bikes Range 2017

The years pass and electric bikes do not have this drive to significantly increase its market share in Europe. However as Zero Motorcycles manufacturers are working to improve their models. In fact, all of the Zero range receives improvements 100% electric bikes in 2017. However, unfortunately, prices are still crazy for what they offer benefits.

Zero New Electric Bikes Range 2017

First, it has been revised to introduce a 11% more power Z-Force training set and 19% more than couple. To give you an idea of the top of range, nu, and Zero Zero SR DSR Enduro, reaching now 69 ch and 146 Nm of torque. There is more torque than any sport 1000 cc motorcycle, then thrust her stop is spectacular in the first meters. Electric range depending on the chosen version varies from 163 to 325 km.

Zero New Electric Bikes Range 2017
Another weight for range improvement is the introduction of the warranty of 5 years with unlimited mileage for the batteries. You also polite other details such as the introduction of a transmission belt carbon fiber, patterns of the arrival of a space on the side of the bike for storage of small items in the Zero S, SR, DS and DSR, a new application for smartphones with the bike set parameters via Bluetooth.

Zero New Electric Bikes Range 2017
interesting improvements are still pending in all cases, the high cost of buying and recharging time of several hours. The feeling of losing a good sound engine classic bike is something already taken by the acquisition of a.
Prices vary Zero 100% electric bikes 2017 particularly in Europe market:

  • Zero SR 2017 (69 ch): € 18,590
  • Zero S 2017 (60 cv): € 12,700 (11 kW version A1)
  • Zero DS 2017 (PS 60: € 12,700 (11 kW for A1 version))
  • Zero FX 2017 (44 HP): € 12,390
  • Zero DSR 2017 (69 ch): € 18,590
  • Zero FXS 2017 (44 HP): € 12,390

At these prices, you add the Zero S, SR, DS and DSR 3,045 euros if you want strengthening autonomy Power Tank and 664 euros extra for the quick charger on the range.

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