Bikes Riding Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Here are the first criticism when assessing the adverse environment who suffer every day the motorcyclist and following us know some time. But the fact remains that in many cases are the bikers themselves who must make an introspection to polish these mistakes that are made on two wheels.

Bikes Riding Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

To this end, ANESDOR association in collaboration with the Catalan Service of traffic leads motorists Formacio 3.0 training program, which is used to Polish the user errors. The method is to roll next to a monitor of 15 minutes to save the route, the assessment of which has no first hand to awaken a consciousness more secure user.

This experience served to create a Decalogue of errors found simple and good practices to avoid. Here goes:

  1. Inappropriate speed

Especially at the entrance of the curves is detected an excess of confidence on the part of motorists, what motivates extra work for the front wheel, which can lead to falling.Bikes Riding Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Solution: Reduce speed to travel with a safety margin.

2. Use man-oeuvres opposite way

Invaded the opposite lane or on the shoulder to draw curves often go hand in hand with speeding down the road. This means that where another vehicle intrudes on the opposite lane bottom margin without reaction to correct the trajectory.

Solution: Follow the path.

3. Delayed for an unexpected reaction

It is gross, but there are many stories of drivers killed or seriously injured through no fault of the accident. Experience shows that many riders do not predict risk situations and when they are given, improvising instead of having planned a response.

Solution: To practice defensive driving without trust and without taking into account the worst case, in all situations. Eye, is not synonymous with driving with fear, but be careful.

4. Failure to comply with traffic lights

Although in some cases, are not adapted to the dynamics of motorcycles, signs are placed for a reason after a study more or less successfully. Not respecting involves them more risk to get a short, medium or long term.

Solution: Be focused and take into account all road signs.

5. Bad plotting curves

It has been detected in many motorists of curves of path, before you enter at the same time, forcing the inclination and therefore stability, in addition to compromising the production in the process of acceleration.

Bikes Riding Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

Solution: Recycle the driving technique, for example with a specific course.

6. Incorrect reduction gear

Derived from the previous point is the fact that it has been observed that few motorists who perform demotion with the gas at the intermediate level to ensure fluidity during deceleration. This results in jerking, bouncing or skidding of the rear wheel, which can be dangerous.


Solution: Practice with the possibilities offered by the braking action of the engine to reduce speed smoothly.

7. The lack of stopping power

In many cases, you get the curves too fast for not knowing properly use the front brake and the rear brake. In panic situations are generally hammer the brakes, especially at the back, which can lead to a worse fall.

Solution: Follow our tips for motorcycle cornering, with more emphasis on the front to be the one that really stops the bike brake, but supplementing it with the back, what is the balance weight.

8. Bring a bike inadequate

There is nothing written to buy a motorcycle, but someone more than 2 meters high have a very compact Triumph Daytona 675 bike or someone who comes to access card to enter a 200 HP Superbike for many electronic aids you have is not advisable.

Solution: Take into account the age, size, weight, physical condition and technical expertise in the selection of the bike. It is advisable to buy a staggering in time, less to more power as a result of having more experience.

9. Driving without the trust

Usually, the rider is usually high esteem self-esteem, but in some cases, has been that there are people on a motorcycle with little confidence, leading to lead the voltage and so generate dangerous situations where it shouldn’t be.

Solution: Ongoing training you do win the trust and the user experience.

10. Group “joyful” way

The courses have been detected in some groups of bikers jokes and Pikes had to move at a higher speed than necessary, which increases the potential risk.

Solution: Keep the seriousness and humility on the motorcycle group. Here are some tips for shooting in the motorcycle group.Bikes Riding Some Common Mistakes and Solutions

In short, the message of ANESDOR want to transmit is that training ends not only with obtaining a license, you need a continuous recycling.

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