Nascar XR1 Bott American Bike by David Sanchez

David Sanchez better known as head man Bott power you already have a line of selection of clients in their preparations derived from Buell motorcycles and by all as Bott power has made known his latest creation on the basis of its model Bott XR1. It is a custom for motorcycling, Eric of Donkeo expiloto 250, strength and SBK, which is now known to be a Nascar driver behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang.

Nascar XR1 Bott American Bike by David Sanchez

Indeed, the so-called Nascar Bott XR 1 is characterized by using the same colours as their race cars black and orange with a fairly clean and simple pattern, but with a great personality. You can also do not miss the 98 backbone pilot Belgian.Nascar XR1 Bott American Bike by David Sanchez

You know now have the Belgian Eric De Donkeo, former motorcycle racer and current driver controlled WHO Nascar European Nascar XR1 Bott.

Nascar XR1 Bott American Bike by David Sanchez

XR1R similar to Bott, the goal was to customize this muscle bike with V-Twin Buell to the taste of the old pilot, starting with the colors of the Ford Mustang cockpit competition. It is also used to see an adaptation of the concept as a street bike, as it comes with optical and Portamatriculas.

Nascar XR1 Bott American Bike by David Sanchez
Specific key featured details:

  • Deposit of carbon fiber.
  • Colin carbon fiber.
  • Carbon fiber seatpost.
  • Change system invested.
  • Steel frame.
  • Leva Brembo brakes and clutch.
  • ZTL2 front 8 brake caliper pistons.
  • Simplified electronics.
  • Flashing Rhizome.
  • Motogadget Chronoclassic instrumentation.
  • RIZOMA license plate.
  • The controls on the left handle lights, Horn,…

Certainly a gem that will definitely enjoy of Donkeo childhood memory.

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