BMW F 800 R Euro 4 Electric Bike 2017

Within them AEE naked that any seek that the biker sea UN pilot of competition power in the BMW F800R has alleged to all THESE Jahr safe value for BMW. For 2017 quietly renewed, being one of the innovations of BMW more modest in EICMA 2016.

BMW F800R Euro 4 Electric Bike 2017

There are two beautiful color shade that you reach in the market storm black, Red Storm,however the mention price aprox. of 9,100 euros. The naked German CAN tell what are Euro 4 with the necessary adjustments in its two cylinder 798 cc engine that pays 90 HP at 8000 rpm. The exhaust is still on the left side of the motorcycle, BUT now presents a new invoice. What more is ALL case new is without a doubt the system introduced Ride-by-wire, a series of electronic throttle that allows mods driving ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’ series and the ‘dynamic’ option.

Other OPTIONS on a motorbike escape from its sports Akrapovic HP, a high handlebars or wheels of special design. That and an instrumentation analog digital configuration staff complete the news in a view that it will not attack, but that it has some certain personality, in addition to elements adj.

BMW F800R, the sports roadster BMW a lady machine GT discreet of all work, but that’s not to unleash passions… In this case, the “F” range even has a small problem make a hole. But BMW does nothing and it continues to evolve. Suddenly, the F 800 R 2017 is enriched by the electronic driving aid and refines a little style.
The engine block passed to the Euro 4 standard, while electronic additives are multiplied with:

  • A ride by wire Accelerator,
  • Mapping of the road and the rain, modes,
  • A choice of mode of driving dynamic of the factory.

Style issue, we look at:

  • A new instrument panel,
  • A redesigned exhaust pipe,
  • A new logo for the tank,
  • A higher handlebar factory option.

The F 800 R roadster seems to continue being this versatile and multi-tasking, capable of driving fast would like to shoot from the terminal in a very good comfort. This evolution in 2017 is welcome, although we would have liked that the missing chain in favour of a more clean and silent belt drive.

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