Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017

Triumph Bobber is another surprise English 2017, a radical custom car can apparently also trust… driving under conditions of course.  We presenting here the observation and review test that is:

Sign of the times, our latest survey of designate the new bike in 2017 highlighted very unexpected patterns. Then, who could have opted for the victory of the Husqvarna Vitpilen… and the second in the Triumph Bonneville Bobber? Readers have decided and we are also sending a strong signal: the race for performance, if it is still the recipe, is not enough. As we see, the motorcycles that monopolize the top of the survey highlight a typical rate, as shown before BMW R nine T, victorious in 2014. Of course, as in politics, the results of these referendums are and certainly not always must be taken literally, but getting the best seats still is not trivial, since the harbinger of success or, at least, the recognition.Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017

Made in addition, made at best?

When we discover the new real last EICMA Show Triumph Bonneville Bobber in Milan, were then, frankly, were questions about his level of comfort or ergonomics, a prior radical nature? It is known as “concurrent” not always reserve the best reception, or much less.

Today aligned with the chalk line to offer its first official test, the Bonneville Bobber are finally ready to satisfy our curiosity. He inherited a bicolor, green and grey pattern good choice! So admittedly, in its own way, this bike is excellent as Triumph are also regulars in the latest models of the classic range. The quality of construction is increasingly to the appointment, and Bobber is no exception, with a set of external criticism even if the press conference speaker lose slightly their British phlegm confirms that that was well done in the factory Thai brand, like all the “Classic” models and the Street Triple.

Grab the controls. Flush bitumen and elongated, with a visibly as gravity Center bass, this no less surprising Bobber by its reception: ergonomics is ultimately less radical than it seems. The position of the feet has been sufficiently retracted so that handlebar, although broad, is kept at a distance of globally consistent Chair. In addition, the triumph had the good idea of designing an adjustable seat depth to provide more space for large or shorten the distance sillin-manillar for children. Well done!

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017


Let’s be honest, it should still be more than 1 m 65 or 1 m 70 do not suffer too in Cork. Then members will be exaggerated, and the final result will be forced back downward and then extended. Morality, have to suffer a little for Beau in Cork!

The first trip takes several highlighted things. A turning radius of acceptable, especially for the use of urban motorcycle. However, the controls are very easy to handle, with a special mention for the control of clutch and with a short-stroke switch and excellent accuracy. The hand grip is frankly obvious and Bonneville Bobber rapidly confirms the seriousness of its design. At low speed, the bike does not compromise with the support and Exchange – at this stage of the trial – an apparent rigidity. In summary, the behavior of the Bobber showed even more natural and less awkward to the Bonneville T120, strange for a motorcycle that is more typical in every way! A reflection of braking du Madrilaine overeager taxis demonstrates the rigor of ABS in the moist soil, with a trigger and without brutality and to think that it had planned to test the braking force in subsequent extreme conditions… It is done.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017


The great couple is great!

No matter, to mesh the Triumph Bobber test in an inevitable part of the highway from Madrid to meet a more interesting trip soon. There, at a faster pace on request, the English custom reveals a simply impeccable course argues. Orientation in large curves more than 120 km/h with a remarkable precision, even to the category. Even increasing the pace, the celebration of the Bobber unit remains undeterred while competing in the same conditions as they are starting to waddle… Triumph has managed to dispense “correct” stiffness in his custom European.

The roads are also an opportunity to check the condition of the engine. As a resultof the Bonneville T120, vertical dual 1200 cm3 water cooled convinced us with its brightness or its performance in the Thruxton R. There are no vibrations, linear character and impeccable connection between the throttle and the rear tire, and a couple always ready to push forward, English boiler room Bar. In Cork, Triumph has even reviewed in order to further strengthen in the mid-range in comparison with the Bonneville, including the loss of three horses. But the hands on the handlebar, is not so obvious.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017

Proven Quiet Strength

However, the connection between the “ride-by-wire” electronic throttle and the rear tire seems perfect; free from shocks matter what mode. There is a significant advance in Cork in comparison with what we had observed in the Bonneville. Given the conditions of humidity, Triumph officials invite us to change to rain mapping, but the difference between highways modes rain and it appears very thin… And anyway, the linearity of engine already ensures a very good control. This illustrates the side quiet strength, this clever mix between flexibility and security without any brutality. However, during rolling, found that to get the most out of this engine, it is necessary to touch the gearbox. In fact, 5 and 6 reports modified for some time, so it is difficult to use in a natural way on the small roads. Conversely, the sixth March fulfills its mission to Overdrive to perfection for long periods. And it is likely that it is here that some competitors still have the word. For CRUISER 90 km/h in sixth and irrumpido in “fall” two reports, can be more vivid or more efficient in the market, as the Indian Scout for example.


A strict order in the European

Our route takes us to beds high in the province of Madrid. The roads are wet or drying, or dirty, it all depends on… Some Customs would not be at the party in this field of the treasure, but the Bonneville Bobber surprises us by its rigor. In fact, allows that the paths much more accurate than the average of its peers. Angle changes only require “without arms”, while I bike always maintains perfect alignment and again above average rigidity. In the aspect of the old school, Cork reveals a very modern behavior, such as India, finally, scout. This hike takes a more dynamic pace, without having to pay to the registry sports, height of the bodywork blames reminiscent of his good memory. The Bonneville Bobber not intended to pursue the clock, do not want too much…

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017

No, what happens is a step spiral while force, always taking care to use FAT for the couple out of curves as towed by a racing car in California fed nitrogen dioxide… The grip changing and annoying will have at least tested the level of adherence of the Avon AV71 Cobra/AV72. Specially designed for Cork, this radial tire for custom tube type with the room would have surprised even the development of pilot for their accession commitment/agility. Finally, please note that after 120 km, vertebrae or buttocks are still in general. 77 mm of travel at the rear suspension is a good feat, although you have to be careful speed bumps of crossing, which may be expelled from the edge of the saddle compression! But overall, the depreciation shows incredible, and in the right direction.


Here or there in the chain…

Engine stop, we are in a relaxing photo shoot. Positioned at the rear of the pack so I have an idea, the triumph line have a couple of minutes before that I to detail again. With its line of output and recalling the distant past, the Cork attack the segment personalized with your own arguments without playing too much commitment, a character very particular with what stands out above all the Sportster, recognizable icon of the genre. Among other features, there is the option of a transmission end chain, as former 1960s Bobber, while most cyclists today due to its lack of maintenance the belt or as universal. But there are still more difficult. The Bonneville is Bobber strict car, authentic vehicle registration! And there is plans to make evolve/move when two-seater. Indeed, when one sees the kinematics of the swing arm, understood, Cork could not withstand the duo. This type of motorcycle specially aimed at a clientele of mature, proven and usually married… by what you have to sweeten the pill for the passenger and explain that it will never be part of the walk! And when we know that even the sports cars are strictly less hyper document, it is clear that Triumph takes great risks..

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review & Test 2017


Single solitary pleasure: Just a review

In terms of appearance, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber makes fly. From a dynamic point of view, this is, without a doubt, a success: hands involved, directional stability, agility, precision, some customs showing such homogeneity. Comfort? It is frankly Honorable under the rear suspension that we feared the worst. The motor? There are no surprises bad, which has enough safe, roundness, to enjoy every day as intensive. Do Cork blame what is then? Peanuts almost, as the turning radius, the latest reports too long, reduce the autonomy of about 130 kilometers prior bookings. Even their price, from €12 900 in black on 16/12/16 appears well positioned. Therefore, is the question of the homologation of the car which will be decisive for the future of this triumph Bobber in France… or not. The following sales statistics that confirm quickly.

Negative Findings Positive Findings
Strict car Obtaining of the hands
Limited… Manufacturing quality
4 Euro, a license, car Rigorous behavior
5 and 6 too long Decent and comfort
Autonomy Efficient twin-engine

Price of this Bonneville Bobber in europium market €12,900 and it is available in different smashing colors that are black, grey, red, green/grey. As warranty it has 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage.
This Triumph Bonneville Bobber will be availability coming year February 16, 2017

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