Motus MSTR Carbon 2017 American V4 Motorcycles

Today we going to short discuss about the new American two wheeler craft having obsessive movement towards an elusive perfection. You hear it when you turn the engine and release the rage of the American V4 and  you feel a surge of passion that grows with you for a long time after that you’re sitting at your desk when you turn its throttle.

motus mst-r carbon 2017 by bikesdoctor

Motus is facing its third year of business life with Motus STDS and STD R Motus and to surprise its customers in North America have prepared something special in their 2017 models. It will be possible to require that the transference of a Motus MST-R sport tourism signs presumed fairing in carbon fiber, corresponding to its wheels of 17 inch TSB made of the same material.

motus mst-r carbon 2017 motorcycle

and so it seems the version of the most powerful differential of this bike, which still providing an engine V4 1,650 cc with 185 horses, Öhlins fully adjustable suspension fork and rear shock NIX30 TTX36 or Brembo Monobloc M4.

No price for this limited edition, while considering that the series is already more than 30,000 euros is certainly not support for all audiences, although work of customization and seem to be spectacular.

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