Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017

One of the most successful models over the past 15 years in the Yamaha range was the T-Max, the benchmark of the market of the maxiscooter. So it is a presentation of news of new generation Yamaha Tmax 2017 also comes with the surprise that the versions of the range are added with more equipment Yamaha T-max DX and Yamaha T-max SX:

Yamaha T-MAX MaxiScooter 2017 by bikesdoctor

They were presented at the EICMA 2016 and will reach dealerships signature diapasons in March with a price of 12.299 euros, significant premium about 1,500 euros however, it can compared to the current generation of access because it costs more than the special editions of the 2016 Max T.

Yamaha Tmax Yamaha Tmax DX and SX Yamaha Tmax

In terms of performance of the parallel twin engine Yamaha Tmax in its different versions continues with its engine capacity of 530 cc, but gives now 46 horses at 6750 rpm and 53 Nm of torque at 5250 towers. Necessary to comply with the Euro 4 regulations modifications include a new muffler, a new position of the catalyst, and a new design of the air filter housing.

Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017

The T-Max 2017 is more powerful than its predecessor, but its acceleration has been refined with the introduction of electronic Accelerator YCC – T. This system also allows the introduction of a traction control that regulates the power of the engine according to the needs at the exit of the curves. Dynamics is complemented by a new rear suspension rods easy pre-load adjustments depending on the load of the vehicle or driving with a passenger or not.

Another important contribution in the range is the reduction of total weight up to 10 kg now 213 pounds in working order, thanks to a new aluminum frame, swing the arm 40 more than the same mm material, fiber drive belt carbon or lighter tires with a rolling resistance reduced. The revised Protocol also are fairing design or analog-to-digital instrumentation.

Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017

Like a good scooter above 10,000 euros, it also comes with its own details of cars such as the smart key to lock the Center stand included and the possible connection to the Dainese D-AIR airbag system. Equipped with ABS brakes standard set by legislation and in the space of seat for two helmets of type semi-jet. In addition to the characteristics of the new generation enhancements, we can speak of the Yamaha Tmax family, added new Yamaha Tmax SX and DX Yamaha T-max variants.

Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017


Yamaha Tmax SX, sporty style a tactile SX offer the sportier T-Max to wear color matte silver accents and blue logos and 15 inch wheels. It also comes with two modes of conduction through the Yamaha D-Mode system, the “T-Mode ‘ for urban use and the” S-Mode’ to exit to give everything on the twisty roads. ” Another advantage of the virtues of My TMAX Connect app that works with the built-in GPS scooter.

Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017

As for the Yamaha Tmax DX is positioned as the top of the T – Max range, so that dressing in a tone elegant blue Phantom in addition to any included in the T – Max SX with electronic adjustment windshield height 55 mm, wrists and head office control heated and cruise of more than 50 km/h.

Yamaha T-max Three New Version Maxiscooters 2017

Certainly, a logical renewal in a model which hopes follows the essentially unchanged market leader and promotes its virtues with more options for motorists with availability price in Europe market that Yamaha T-Max 2017 12,299 euros,  Tmax SX price is 13,199 and the Yamaha T-max available in price of euro 14,199.

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