Harley-Davidson Road King Special Motorcycle 2017

The year has begun already almost not Harley-Davidson adds a new vertical to its range with the King of the road special. Iconic visit Milwaukee manufacturer, the “King of the road”, debuted in 1949, keeping from its characteristic silhouette:Harley-Davidson Road King Special Motorcycle 2017

The summer passed, the brand had already renewed your Road King giving his new engine eight Milwaukee, 1745 cm3 version. Technically, the version special based on the same basis technical, already is for the V-Twin, the system of braking front and suspension rear and. The differences are well in the appearance visual of the vertical.

The signing of Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson, has just presented its new 17.5, among which the ‘new’ Harley-Davidson Road King Special 2017. This is a reinterpretation of custom tourism quintessence sewing recipe beggar.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special Motorcycle 2017

Its price of 27,500 euros in colors Vivid Black, charcoal Denim, Hot Rod Red Flake Hard Candy Olive gold or custom.
The Harley-Davidson Road King Special 2017 is the first Harley-Davidson equipping the new V-Twin 107 Milwaukee-Eight engine in black. This motor 1.750 cc shared by all Harley-Davidson Touring 2017 comes with a maximum torque of 10% and reduce vibration, improving the thermal management and produce cleaner exhaust sound.

Harley Davidson Road King Special sheet 2017 other features of the bike:

“Even the King has a variant,” Harley-Davidson presents the your Road King special 2017 accessories in USA available in four atractive new colors: black “Vivid black” aprox price of € 25.390, “green of olive-gold” estim. price in € 25.59,”charcoal Denim” gray aprox. price at € 25.590 and Red “racing car red Flake Hard Candy Custom” with price of € 26.390. It is substantially more expensive than the King of the road “across the field, from which this novelty is derived directly

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