Hesketh Valiant Supercharged Turbo Engine Superbike

The historic manufacturer Hesketh again at the center of the stage with the presentation of its first new in 30 years and continues to attract attention with its range of bikes made by hand for a few gourmets. After having shown the Hesketh Sonnet is already working on its new model, a promising Hesketh Valiant Supercharged as intuit that the name has in its engine compressor with the most striking. While the model still is in production, the brand is took advantage of the London Show to present its it last creation:

Hesketh Valiant Supercharged Turbo Engine Superbike

Come in summer 2018 after an important work of development and a prize will be sold to approximately 50,000 books, about €58,600 to change. Don’t expect to see much in the street at the time.

After the V-Twin 120 HP, mark goes to a superior in terms of engine speed as Valiant inherits a supercharged power. In concrete, the 2,100 cm3 V-twin delivers a power maximum of 210 horses of strength and a monstrous 297 Nm of torque. These values are for the time theoretical and it brand expected get to 250 horses during the first tests scheduled for this year.

The motor is supplied by Rotrex and developed in collaboration with the TTS for the supercharged system performance. And to be safe of curb the ambitions of this last, the braking is entrusted to two stands Pretech front of 6 pistons and it clamp of 4 Pistons in it part rear of Beringer. The suspensions were in turn from K-Tech.Hesketh Valiant Supercharged Turbo Engine Superbike

Said this, Valiant not is about the day because the manufacturer has promised to their customers “loyal and patients” that the H24 would be issued before began the production of the Valiant. However, it expects that for the 2018 in aprox. € 59,000  or 50,000 GBP.
To justify this precision, or Supercharged equipped Hesketh a supercharged Valiant V-Twin power promising in the Bank has already given nearly 210 HP and 300 Nm of torque. most motorcycles Superbike power superior litres, although they believe that finally reach 250 ch through the Rotrex compressor and work on your TTS Performance tuning.

In addition to this turbo engine muscle-bike will feature a chassis to match with the majority of British companies to boast. It has K-Tech fork, rear suspension Razor, Bob front brakes with 12 pistons, Beringer 4 piston at the back, over the frame and swing arm developed by GIA.
Analog instrumentation is Smiths and machined parts are produced by global billets, so that the attention to detail is there for those who want a very exclusive bike and have what it takes to pay.

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