Kawasaki Z900 Best Performance Roadster 2017

The legendary name Z900 is back today in European market as as advanced cruise roadster dedicated his enthusiasms with a superpower and excellent drive handling. The combination of a shell, tubular frame work and trellis frame a delicious with four-cylinders and a design that perfectly reflects the style Sugomi provides sensations that only Z drivers may experience. You can say the Z900, refined crude oil:

Kawasaki Z900 2017 by bikesdoctor
We have already seen in February than the Kawasaki Z900 Kawasaki Z800 to be the bike more than 125 cc Spain bestseller, although we expect a possible for the A2 license Variant. For those who will do it with the bike and you want the best performance available Performance Kawasaki Z900, a special kit with a premium of 1.085 euros compared to 8650 euros for the standard promotion with free insurance the first year.
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What does this kit? The most important thing is of course the added exhaust Akrapovic carbon fiber or titanium, which is used to provide a CV and Nm compared to 125 HP and 98 Nm enjoy the Z900 series. Other details that complement the sporty style are adults to improve the aerodynamic dome, the guards around the tank and seat to tighten only sports field.
Actually a very attractive alternative and will look great on the bike, which can be purchased at Mystic color Pearl gray, the Spark Flat classic candy Lime Green Metallic black or darker. All with black metal accents.

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