Honda 150SS Racer Retro In Bangkok Bike 2017

If you had the chance to travel in Thailand, you know that there are enough situation by Honda MSX125SF, a model that is almost an anecdote in the range of Honda in Spain. Well, this affection for the 125 cc plasma minibike now presents the concept Honda Racer 150SS lounge of Bangkok 2017.

Honda 150SS Racer Retro In Bangkok Bike 2017
Enjoy here 1000 and preparations for the Honda MSX125 rush in Thailand, where it is the religion
150SS Racer Honda, between retro and modern
It is a very pretentious interpretation of the original model, because it takes the form of a neo-futuriste rider of the coffee with a design that hides finally a simple single cylinder air-cooled 150 cc engine and the heart. Classic details reflected in the circular lamp (that comes with LED lights), the appearance of the brake disks or type of evacuation of megaphone.Honda 150SS Racer Retro In Bangkok Bike 2017

These elements are mixed and digital instrumentation, lenticular wheel spectacular carbon fibre, the fender of the same material, the side panels of glass fiber, on which subframe developed sport style bike seat is supported, details anodized to the stem or the fork, the tank of aggressive design… design tires Metzeler German manufacturer to sign.Honda 150SS Racer Retro In Bangkok Bike 2017
Even allowed the luxury of a camera fitted in front of the support of digital instrumentation and a gyroscopic camera colin imitating MotoGP.

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