Yamaha XSR900 Japanese Look Like of the Yamaha RD250

It is logical that the Japan Yamaha customers have a number of benefits that the local market. Now, a Yamaha XSR900 to the Japan owners can customize your retro bike with a customization kit that is designed to mimic the appearance of the 1980s to the beginning RD250 Yamaha.

Yamaha XSR900 Japanese Look Like of the Yamaha RD250

The price of the basic kit is 145,800 yen or equal to 1.180 euros and takes two hours to install. It is not the time you reach the Spain.
The basic kit includes a new front wing, specific side panels under the seat, a box of chrome for optical special circular covers for deposit. You do, if you want the bike has the appearance of pictures Japanese should invest more in one of the wheels of gold GaleSpeed elements for suspensions KYB of retro style, new exhaust system, leather seats, or LED flashes.
No doubt these extras of the bike has a modern retro look that feels right.

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