KTM EXC Enduro 2018 New Technology IPT Motorcycles

Slowly and inexorably engines 2 time applied to the world of the bike were relegated to mopeds and motorcycles cut off road. KTM still sees them travel despite the new laws on the environment and your bet with the KTM EXC TPI 2018 range, consisting of the KTM 250 EXC KTM 300 EXC and TPI TPI 2018, in addition to the respective versions nine days ago. Enduro motorcycles are the first 2 times with the fuel injection system. These bikes will arrive in June on the market and can lead to a revitalization of the engine 2 time if you deliver what they promise.

KTM EXC Enduro 2018 New Technology IPT Motorcycles


The cleaner engines 2 times
The main novelty of the new KTM EXC TPI 2018 is obviously this engine, including TPI injection port transfer of fuel in the single cylinder injection engine 2-time system. This technology consists of two injectors in the transfer of the cylinder holes, which means a smoother engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

KTM EXC 2018 own promise of TPI and more efficient engines 2 time. Another advantage of the system is that IPT is not need to mix the oil and gasoline, which is made by an electronic oil pump. The emission reduction is up to 50% by KTM. You can see twice motorcycles Euro 4? There is the question that opens this KTM melon.
In addition to this technology, the engine is updated to finish with a new cylinder head, filter air and electronic engine management. The fuel tank has also been redesigned to adapt the injection system, and includes new graphics and a new chrome molybdenum of suitable chassis.

It is certainly competitive motorcycles and the electric starter has battery ion-series lightweight, hydraulic clutch, suspension or Brembo WP. Good research for many lovers of motor 2 time remaining.

Price of the KTM EXC TPI Range 2018 in Europe Market:

  • KTM 250 EXC 2018 TPI: €9.210
  • KTM 250 EXC Six days TPI 2018: €9.970
  • KTM 300 EXC 2018 TPI: €9.530
  • KTM 300 EXC Six days TPI 2018: €10290
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