MV Agusta RVs # 1 Custom Standard Models Bikes

“Cast Veicoli Speciali” is what they mean the acronym SVR, the new project at the fingertips MV Agusta to offer something new in a range that can reach little seen the delicate state of the finances of the Italian manufacturer. We know how MV Agusta RVs # 1 is the first sign of this custom standard models for the preferred customers of the brand motorcycle line.

Seems to be the philosophy of according to Giovanni Castiglioni the CEO of MV Agusta:

MV Agusta RVS1 2017 by bikesdoctor

We don’t know the price of the unit in question, although I’m sure there are a lot more euros than a standard unit. The base of the MV Agusta RVs # 1 is MV Agusta Brutale 800 of the new generation, although it has been developed by hand as the tuneadas of the most prestigious motorcycle coaches. As is its standard motor 800cc three cylinders, although in this case reaches 150 horsepower to make a difference. Remember that the standard has 140 hp.

MV Agusta RVs # 1 Custom Standard Models Bikes

Other features include:

  • SC-Project Exhaust run.
  • Unique upholstered seat in honeycomb shape.
  • Control tank with titanium plates.
  • Brake Discs Sunstar Batfly.
  • Kineo radians.
  • Pirelli MT 60 Rs.

or other elements are the support of the instrumentation, handles, footrests and a specific clutch system, but the best is the LED lighting front that adapts the speed and inclination of the bike to offer the best lighting in each case thanks to an integrated inertial system.

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