Why Australia is the best beach vacay place?


If you are planning on going for a trip and intends to have an exciting and relaxing holiday, go for a place where you will be able to find natural beauty within the splendid landscape, astonishing sceneries, aesthetic beaches with sunny coastlines, the enticing wilderness of tropical forests and opportunities to have adventures. Australia is the country that happens to be the place with whole-hearted people, welcoming you to their houses to enjoy an amazing time! Australian beaches bring delight to your heart. Tourists are urged to visit every beach but it is impossible, unfortunately. Do you know why? Because this country has more than 10,000 beaches, covering 27,000 kilometers of coastline! The water can bring sheer horror to some people but, it has a real calming vibe. The beaches are pristine giving luxurious offers for nightlife entertainment and lodgings. It tells us about the joyful and adventurous nature of the Australians. The people relish spending day and night at the beaches with their loved ones. The perfect spot to enjoy such an eclectic scene!

As the studies say, if you start visiting EVERY beach in Australia DAILY, it will take 27 years to complete your beach tour. But remember, according to some laws, you are not allowed to swim at these public beaches, located at the New South Wales. The hefty cities of Perth, Sydney and Melbourne are epic locations to stay with a multitude of beaches. Never miss exploring Cable Beach and Turquoise Bay in Western Australia, Rapid Bay in South Australia, Bell’s beach in Victoria, Burleigh in Gold Coast and Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. They are worth visiting! Here are few other top picks that are hot-spots for the tourism:

Bondi Beach in Sydney:

It is one of the most famous and visited Australian beaches. It has unspoiled sands with deep sapphire colored blue waters! A person just can’t survive the temptation of its enthralling waves just designed for surfing and Scuba diving. You are most welcome to catch the whales. And, how can you miss its seasonal cliff-top golf course offering astounding sights!

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland:

Its exquisite fine white sand grains on coastlines, shining like diamonds in the sunlight is quite iconic. The Whitsundays offers a spectacular view. You can enjoy its vivid azure waters while sipping on your wine. It is above 7km along the coast, loaded with the countless harbors and bays

Four-mile beach in Queensland:

It comes unmatchable in its beauty and serenity. You will find the waves tantalizing, but stay clear from the poisonous jellyfish. It brings a real treat to your soul and offers magical beach views in Port Douglas. Spend an evening there with your loved ones and make it a magical experience.

Liard Island in North QLD:

This island is the gateway to paradise! It is considered as a remote island but it is known the world over for its mystique tropical views. It let you enjoy sunny days in your private villa. You can witness surprising diving and snorkeling spots.

Mandalay Beach in Western Australia:

Mandalay is an extensive remote beach on the Rainbow Coast. It is the center of attraction due to its remains of the wrecked ship Mandalay. It has a soft, silky, fine grain and pure sand. it is the best location to practice some surfing and bushwalking. Your eyes won’t believe its untouched beauty and wild desert sights. It is also a few miles away from the majestic Chatham Island.

Hyams Beach in NSW:

No one should miss this beach as it features the ‘whitest’ sand all around the globe and has been listed in Guinness book. It has additional exotic national parks at called Jervis Bay and Booderee. You can easily spot some bottlenose dolphins. kayaking in its freshening blue waters or Scuba diving is open all around the year.

The visit to Australia will give you the one in a lifetime opportunity to discover the lavish parties of Airlie Beach! You are invited to enjoy seeing happy dolphins while appreciating the charisma of Noosa beach. Byron Beach in Northern NSW is also another famous beach due to its Lighthouse. So, have you decided on enlisting your dream beaches to visit while vacationing in Australia?

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