Australian Visa and Scholarship details for international students

Studying abroad is a challenging task, for sure. If you are planning to go for an educational purpose, you must be prepared all along the way! You can’t overcome your problems of shifting to a foreign land within days but months. You don’t have to prepare yourself emotionally but also practically for a convenient life. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the educational aspect of Australia, as it has become the trending place for studies. Going to studies in Australia? You are advised to take some protocols to avoid any mess.

Visa application

Moving on to the further discussion, let’s discuss some requirements of visa application first. The chief visa application requirements can be categorized into several sections:

  1. Academic

If you want to apply on an educational basis, must meet the below-mentioned necessities.

      • Globally acceptable academic records
      • Completed prerequisite course
      • A good score in English proficiency tests
      • Up to required age (look for maximum and minimum requirements)
      • Professional background
      • Practical fieldwork or Thesis
  1. Financial

In the case of finances, the requirements are changed as per the state’s laws.

      • Course registration fee
      • Daily living expenditure
      • OSHC (Health Insurance that covers all the expenses)
      • Fees for English proficiency test
      • Medical evaluation and tests expenditure
      • Transportation expenses
  1. Immigration
      • Passport procedure
      • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
      • Health and Character criteria
      • Monetary necessities

Searching for Australian scholarship 

  • The very first and most important step is to do detailed and efficient research. Investigate all universities’ policies and explore the possible options of availing scholarships. You should keep yourself open to both opportunities: Australian Government scholarships and Educational institute’s scholarships. Besides, ensure that you are meeting all the desired requirements being a foreign student. Before deciding whether you want to study in Australia or not, clarify your picks and this would be the perfect time to filter out your options.
  • If you find yourself suitable for a certain scholarship program check its credibility and eligibility. Match your latest degree’s academic grades, English proficiency test scores, and country or religion. Where you will find a few scholarships easily attainable, you will get multiple options that will ask you to submit excessive papers. It must be hard-hitting but worth a try.
  • If you have succeeded till this step and have finalized your scholarship program, now is the time to get in contact with your counselor, guider, or agent. Many international students choose to apply for a visa via a recorded migration agent for a safer path. Ask for the agent’s guidance regarding official requests or letter and application procedure. Takeaway point: You are allowed to apply to several scholarship programs at a time. So, don’t worry about missing an opportunity.
  • Explore the Australia Awards website, before applying for a scholarship. It is a special department that aids all international students who are seeking help. Keep your eyes open for its registration dates. But, keep in mind that in case of applying for the Australia Award, every student has to go back home after graduation. So, if you are planning to prolong your stay or giving migration a thought, skip these.
  • One thing that needs special attention is your application. It must be free of errors of all sorts. They expect No spelling mistakes, No grammatical errors, No unprofessional approach, No punctuation errors, and No negligence or ignorant behavior.

This is how you can start your process for either migration or temporary stay regarding education. Visa application is a necessity and that’s why we feel the need of guiding our readers. Moreover, we also know, finances are the biggest hurdle in getting admission abroad. We expect these guidelines to help you avail an Australian educational scholarship.



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