All you need to know about Australian Defence Force (ADF) YOU test

Australia is the land of dreamers. The place where people let you live your life to the fullest! There is unlimited hidden loveliness in Australia, one simply cannot resist! In this blog, we are not going to discuss its beauty and the increasing trend of traveling but another important aspect of life. With age, everyone’s choices go through remarkable changes, and interest is always subjected to multiple mindsets. If you ever thought of joining the defence force, trust me, you are not alone! Serving a nation is one of the most respectable aims, one can have!

If you are living in Australia and being a real patriotic person, you would have thought about joining the force, for once at least! Here we are highlighting some tips for joining the Australian Defence force through passing the ADF test with good scores.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) 

Firstly, you must understand what this ADF is actually. It is a force that serves the nation, stays optimistic, and protects the borders for the country’s lifelong prosperity. Sounds easy? but not easy to do! It needs courage, power, skills, and high intellect. That’s why, if you want to be a part of the defence team, you must pass the ADF YOU test.

Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) YOU Session Tests

ADF YOU is basically an aptitude test that evaluates your capabilities. We are here to help you understand how many questions, and what type of questions would be in your test.

Pattern and time of the Test

First, understand the pattern of the questionnaire. It is usually a 50-minute online test. Pretty limited time for solving such tough questions, indeed! It is categorized into two sections of courses:

  • Mathematics – You will be given 20 minutes to solve 27 questions. It gives you 44 sec to solve each query.
  • General Ability or Knowledge – It must be attempted in the remaining 30 minutes (half an hour). It comprises 75 questions that demand critical reasoning giving 24 seconds per question. (Oh, it would be too tough!)


For the mathematical section, you must skill the following concepts to solve all questions in the given time. Important topics are mentioned below:

  • Basic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication.
  • Percentages and fractions.
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Polynomial equations
  • Algebra

Additional testing

  • In certain cases, you will be asked to complete extra requirements such as:
  • Fitness test.
  • Medical assessments.

Retake policy

You must be thinking, what will happen if you fail the test, right?! Don’t worry, because you will be given other chances to pass. That could be worse for some as you have to wait for 6 months, a pretty long period! Or, for some, it is beneficial to get enough time for better preparation. As we say, everything has a downside, so does this retake policy. No doubt you will be given an extra chance but your previous failure will always be remembered and acknowledged in your record.

Future opportunities 

If you luckily pass the test, you will be given a wide range of respectable jobs, you wish to have. You will be welcomed to join the Army, Navy, and Air force. Remember! It is not all about “just” passing a test, because, in case of scoring low, you would be left with limited options of jobs, and those jobs will not be appropriate for you, probably. It ties your future with higher-paying jobs for financial stability.


  1. Read and Recognize Questions.
  2. Set a strategy to solve the question.
  3. Don’t spend more than 10 seconds on a single question because time management is the key.
  4. Move on quickly to the next question.
  5. Skip the questions but note down the question number for easy finding


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