The reasons why you should study in University of Wollongong

Well, we all know, the world is progressing fast and so does the need of getting higher standard education. Up till now, every state has revolutionized the academic framework BUT, do you know who is on the top of the list? Australia! Yes, Aussies have made education accessible to all students of such a level that will surprise you. It means, besides having amazing places to explore and travel, you can actually get numerous benefits from its education, culture, traditions, and lifestyle!

The University of Wollongong (UOW)

If we start discussing the institutes of Australia, you will be amazed to hear about all the student support services they offer, and especially for international students. But, there is one place that has received unlimited appreciation and offers peerless academic amenities. The University of Wollongong, abbreviated as UOW, is counted in the top-ranked 20 modern institutes, worldwide. The City of Wollongong is just speechlessly pretty and full of nature-loving spots. And the campus tall stands, surrounded with the green mountains, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Along with studies, you are welcomed to experience exciting activities.

Why should you choose UOW?

If you are studying in Australia, you must give UOW a chance as it will provide you an education that you require, need, and demand. With a global system of campuses, UOW is constantly rated among the topmost Australian institutes because of its maximum graduate satisfaction and employability rate. It has gained this high place in a short time with its world-class research, feasible grading system, competent course outline, and effective teaching methods.

Its emphases are on delivering specially tailored experiences for students along with excellent and comfortable learning environments. You can find an extensive variety of students to provide as much as a possible learning aid, professional guidance, and student’s well being. It will be difficult to find a place with such an outstanding teaching quality in any other institute. With education, they will polish your skills, enhance your in-field capability, work quality, and guarantee academic success.

In case you have problems with accommodation, you can get help from the institute where they have reasonably priced accommodation options (on-campus, also). The highlight is the “Gong Shuttle” offering regular transport which is also free of cost. It is available inside university premises as well as around the City of Wollongong. The best trick to cope up with homesickness is getting involved in other activities. Luckily, UOW has more than 120 student clubs and societies for sports, education, theater, arts, and the list continues.

For the 10th year consecutively, UOW is classified in the top 1% of universities for offering quality education, increasing the chances of employment, worldwide. It has its college, located right on the original campus in Wollongong. It offers high-quality English proficiency language courses, Foundation courses, bridging courses, and Diplomas.

Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees

In case you are looking for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees, here we are enlisting the campuses where the above-mentioned degrees are offered:

  • Business
  • Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Law, Humanities & the Arts
  • Science, Medicine & Health
  • Social Sciences

Sydney campus

Besides its original campus, located in Wollongong, it offers some popular Business programs in its Sydney campus. Trust me, it is no less than the Wollongong campus in any aspect.

Being close to Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, you will get the best chance to explore nature and the Australian lifestyle. In the university, no matter if you are a domestic or international scholar, you will be provided with classic technology, an elite environment, and encouraging community, helpful faculty, and instant student guidance. It has exclusively trained to learn development educators and they conduct informative workshops for students. you can get access to their skilled counselors, as well.


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