BRISBANE – the ‘Sunshine State’

Being a student doesn’t mean, you will be dedicated to books, all the time. Even if you are an international student, you simply cannot resist the aesthetic sights of Australia. Completing education in Australia is one of the achievements itself. So, it is the time to get your sweet reward by treating yourself to the luxurious sights of Australian spotlight states.

Well, you must be thinking of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney but one of the most beautiful and fun cities is Brisbane. Yes, BRISBANE, it is! Or we can say underrated state although it has worthy sightseeing spots and events to make you feel rejoiced. Being the capital of the ‘Sunshine State’, Brisbane brings a few massive and worthy opportunities to have fun nights and exciting adventures.

Are you also an international student, studying in this marvelous sunny city? Let’s start by getting some activities and events.

Ben & Jerry’s Open-air Cinema

Oh, imagine, JUST IMAGINE…spending a warm pleasant, or chilly breezy evening with all the positive vibes, with your loved ones, chilling under a starry shiny sky, watching your favorite movie, enjoying snacks. Dreamy enough! This open-air theater is a real delight for couples and could be a memorable night for friends. You will get a wide range of yummy snacks, a licensed trendy bar, live music to make the loving environment and and and… free ice cream tubs on Sundays. Oh my goodness, who would want to miss it!

City Sounds

This is something that you must live once. A musical adventure, indeed! It is considered Australia’s greatest free live music event. They usually invite amazing artists for spectacular performances, from all around the globe. These local and international artists will give you a relishing time. It is usually oriented every week at multiple spots.

Good Food and Wine Show

Have the tastiness of some of “the best culinary delights” available in Australia. Good Food and Wine show is a place for foodies and wine lovers, as the name indicates. Typically held in October, you can find hundreds of domestic and foreign food and wine exhibitors. There are wine appreciation sessions, as well. The best place to try the most popular international street food. But, it is not for free.

Valley Fiesta

Are you interested in knowing hidden details and secrets of the Australian culture through excellent visual performances? If yes, think no further and have this adventure. It is a fun event or a cultural program that you can attend for free. You will get the idea of the district’s vibrant cultural norms. It is a 3-day festivity loaded with live concerts, tasty food, impressive arts, and fashion markets.

Medibank Feel Good Program

Are you looking for fitness activities? Or are you interested in keeping yourself fit and active? How about having fitness activity sessions with the twist of fun and excitement? Because that is what you can experience in the Little Stanley Street Lawns on cool spring days. This is a free program featuring outdoor group fitness classes. It has classes all weekdays. The best part is that you can choose what type of session you want to in from Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and high-energy athletic workouts options.


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