What are the cheapest options to stay while studying in Australia

Australia is a growing educational destination due to various reasons and preferences. Enjoyable weather, a welcoming community, and diversified culture, thousands of astonishing beaches, and top-notch educational outline offered in respectable universities. Regrettably, one major problem is its EXPENSIVE living. This high price tag has killed so many dreams of international students. We know how important the status of the university is important but there are many campuses that offer either scholarships and financial aids to make education accessible or delivers learning degrees and courses at a reasonable price.  

We have listed down a few Australian cities that are considered best for student life affordability.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most preferable locations but we also know how high priced it is. According to the global living ranking, it is placed on the 105th level. It is known to offer average annual tuition fees within the range of US$24,500 for foreign students which might be difficult for a few. You can manage if you have a financially stable family or permanent employability. The rent is also maximum if you live within the city center. You can find fairly prices accommodations in a suburb such as Brunswick or Bundoora.

4. Brisbane

It might be shocking for you but living in Brisbane can be expensive. Although in comparison it is much easier to handle. It is placed on the 22nd level, overall in the QS Best Student Cities ranking which makes it desirable. And, amazingly it comes as 4th on living affordability. You can find paid employment easily in Brisbane as it has a flourishing market. Moreover, it is in the approach of more than 40% of international students.

3. Adelaide

Located in the South Australian part, the 3rd most affordable Australian city is Adelaide for all the students. Although the tuition fees are considered pretty highest the living cost is comparatively too less, and manageable. You could possibly spend not more than AU$135-385 in a week including rent. You can get an affordable place near the suburbs or in the north of the state. The preferable options are Brahma Lodge or Rostrevor.

2. Canberra

And here it comes another city with more affordability for students without affecting the level of lifestyle. Canberra is ranked as the 2nd most affordable pick for all foreigners. It has globally recognized universities and offers lower rents for accommodations making it preferable. Average tuition fees for International undergraduate is approx. US$22,400, which is lesser than other Australian cities excluding Gold Coast.

1. Gold Coast

Ranked 1st in regards to living affordability in Australia, Gold Coast is as peaceful as it sounds. Rent for even the luxury-oriented accommodation is about 40% lesser in comparison to the than Sydney. The average tuition fees are also lower for foreign undergraduates.


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