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Are you planning on getting higher education from Australian prestigious universities but cannot afford it? Because trust me, it is one of the problems faced by most international, even domestic students. Well, the Australian government and universities are making sure that every person gets an equal chance to graduate from a globally recognized institute. And to make it possible, they are offering a wide range of accessible, applicable, valid, and feasible scholarships in the shape of financial aids, concessions on fees, or other student services including work placement or free accommodation. you will be shocked to get all the compensatory options.

Here we are highlighting all the scholarships that you could possibly apply for or get.

Scholarships offered by the Australian Government 

First, let’s focus on the scholarships that are offered by the government officials of Australia. It is one of the major reasons to choose Australia for higher studies. Three of the best options are:

Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

It is applicable for all students and open to all qualification levels including bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. But, do remember, this scholarship especially addresses students from selected countries that lie in the territory of Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Depending on the awards, for Allison Sudradjat Prize and/or the Hadi Soesastro Prize, Indonesian students are encouraged to process their applications.

Destination Australia awards

Coming to the next option, it is open to all students present all around the globe, including Indonesia and also for all degrees. More than 1,000 scholarships of AU$15,000 each are offered to international scholars, no matter if domestic or foreign.

Research Training Program (RTP) 

Where others are open to all degrees, it is specific for postgraduate-level. Any student, either domestic or international, can apply. It is a scholarship that lets you complete your research degree from any of the selected Australian universities.

Scholarships presented by Australian Universities

  • ANU (Australian National University) is known for offering multiple scholarships, especially for international students.
  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) has been providing various tuition fee scholarship options. But these are applicable to masters or Ph.D. degrees.
  • International Research Scholarships of Curtin University, Perth, is for foreign students that want to undertake master’s or Ph.D. research degrees. The highlight is its Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships offering three scholarships worth AU$10,000 to foreign undergraduate and master students that have chosen coursework.
  • Deakin University located in Melbourne has a wide variety of student scholarships along with work placement options.

  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) is one of the best scholarships offered in Melbourne campuses. Anyone can apply for it, all you need is to have high-achieving marks even if you have studied the course outside Australia or New Zealand. The scholarship is offered for a maximum of 2 semesters.
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships is a scholarship available for all the high-achievers. It is specified for the master’s research degree under the supervision of the University of Melbourne.
  • Monash University International Scholarships for Excellence is a merit-based scholarship open for both, undergraduate and graduate students.
  • University of Sydney International Scholarships features a package of numerous Australian scholarships for intellectual international undergraduate students. but, luckily, if you are a postgraduate student, you can also apply.
  • The University of Southern Queensland offers a particular scholarship only for students from China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, named as “Greater China International Student Bursary”.
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship is open to all students studying research degrees on higher qualification levels such as Ph.D. or masters.
  • The University of Western Australia has also specially tailored scholarships for students undertaking research in master’s and Ph.D. It is called the “International Postgraduate Research Scholarship” and it covers tuition fees, offers a fortnightly stipend to meet the daily expenditures, along with covering health insurance.
  • UTS’s famous scholarship named “International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship” covers all the student’s tuition fees who have undertaken the bachelor’s degree. The scholarship is applicable for the explained number of sessions based on the full-time study load.

Other options for Australian scholarships 

  1. International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students – Offered in the University of Queensland, situated in Brisbane.
  2. The Northcote Graduate Scholarship – For postgraduate students and applicable for 3 years.
  3. Fulbright Program – Offered by Australian-American Fulbright Commission, available for every career level.



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