What major differences you will experience being an international student

Getting high-standard education is a necessity of time. Australia has become the center of an educational hub. The government officials are making sure that everyone gets top-quality academic experience and has been offering numerous scholarships. No matter how many facilities are provided to the international student, there will always be a few hurdles and obstacles (financial, educational, cultural, etc.) they have to face and cope up with.

Having family support makes it easier and if you have an encouraging environment with an elite institute having an effective course outline, VIOLA! A perfect match. And Australia offers this perfect match for you! But, we advise you to plan certain things before finalizing a trip to Australia. Because an all-new place with an all-fresh university environment will have a significant impact on your professional, personal, and academic lives. Here are some points to help you out!

How Australian university tasks are different

Australia has an excellent academic framework for assessments, final evaluations, and degrees. but, in the start, you might find it completely different. For instance, Australian institutes will ask you to study 4 total modules each semester, unlike other universities that offer lesser modules.

Coming to the academic evaluation or examinations, these are greatly coursework based means theoretical. In most of the institutes, all you need is good essay marks with acceptable participation grade to pass the module. Although, course-based examinations will vary depending on the type of the course or degree. But all evaluations are fairly standard.

Semester time is reciprocated

One of the most surprising things you can come across in the Australian education framework is its opposite timings of semesters. They usually start at different seasons, pretty reciprocated to the southern hemisphere. First, you will have summer holidays in December, January, and February. Second, the 1st semester starts at the end of July/beginning of August which will let you start your 2nd semester in early March. Making it a full-year study (12 months) instead of the usual 8 months.

Diversified community

What a diverse community it has!

Regardless of the place, you will be overwhelmed with all the cultural mix. The people you will meet there over the time of your stay is unquestionably the definitive highlight. Swedish, Asians, Europeans, Americans, Italians, or Spanish…you will find every other person to greet. Moving in such a varied community lets you understand other cultures.

Financial hurdles

Australian life is highly expensive, even if it is for a foreign student.

So, you are advised to do some financial planning beforehand. Sort out your funds you would be needing. And, try getting employment as soon as possible, even if it is part-time. It will help you manage your expenses.

Homesickness in Australia

Australia is loaded with convention centers, malls, elite cafes and cinemas, camping sites, beaches and offers a broad range of adventurous activities. BUT…feeling homesick is inevitable. It is impossible to not miss your family and country, home, and friends.




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