In the world, there is not one but a long list of places that you must visit at least once. Australia has become the center of advanced education and no doubt, they meet up the standards of high-level academics. Other reasons for its increasing student rate are beautiful lands and scholarships. Living in a place where you can do both things, means enjoy life in fun-loving and joyful cities with amazing sightseeing and also gets to study in globally recognized universities offering professional degrees in all courses.

Today, we are here to let you know that if you have not seen Perth or are not planning to visit Perth, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to relish the prettiness of nature, massive architecture, appealing parks, and many more things! If you are not aware of the exciting events or culture of Perth, you have come to the right place. Because, we are highlighting all the essential happenings, that you must keep in mind while arranging a tour to Australia or directly to Perth.

Southbound Festival

You must have heard of it and if you have not, you are far behind!

Celebrated in Western Australia, it is considered the biggest camping and music festival. Impressive indeed! It is actually a 3-days event that gives you lifetime memories. It will be your time to feel the joy of life and dance on the rhythm played by high-profile international and national artists. That’s not all it has to offer. Besides live concerts, you will be provided with amazing comedy acts and classic arts programs. Feeling hungry? Have something to eat from its wide range of food stalls. Unfortunately, it is not a free event and you have to buy a ticket.

Games Festival

Who else loves the games? Or I must ask, is there anyone who doesn’t love games? Imagine a festival, full of lights, joy, and excitement but the highlight is the “GAMES”. Because it is the famous Perth game festival!

Usually takes place in the city’s Town Hall. It offers a wide range of games, any game you can think of, actually. The board games, card games and they even have computers and smartphones to let you enjoy the thrill of simulated games on PCs and mobile. The event comes with arcade machines and virtual-reality controllers to add the feel of adventure.

Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival

Well. just like other cities, Perth is also known for its extremely delicious food and wide cuisines. The Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival is one of the most popular events that attract tourists far from the places. It is a place where you can try the tastiest food and the finest wine products. The best part is, it is a free event and anyone can go and enjoy it! To complement your food, there are arrangements for live music to give pleasant vibes.

And if you have some culinary likeness, you would love the celebrity chef demonstrations which will leave you awe-struck.

Outdoor cinemas

Coming to the arts of the city, you will be overwhelmed with the options. The silver lining of the place is its outdoor cinemas. You can find it at almost a few block distance, screening the famous Blockbusters on big screens. Choose your movie as per your preference because every cinema comes with days of specific movies including cult favorites, and old classics.

You can find a free outdoor cinema and others with low-priced tickets. These are open all year round.


Here are some of the other places, that you must visit:

  1. Etsy Made Local market, which is a perfect spot to shop for Christmas. It has shops with soothing live music.
  2. Twilight Hawkers Market is acknowledged as Perth’s biggest street food market offering a variety of yummiest cuisines.
  3. Perth Speed Fest is another sports event organized at Perth Motorplex. If you are into some thrilling motorsport? It is your perfect choice of event.


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