Why study in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is not only a city that has a unique culture, dynamically inspirational infrastructure and soul freshening landmarks but also a place where you can get high-standard education, feasible scholarships, and globally recognized degrees from internationally honored institutes. It is now home to more than a million foreign students. Adelaide is an extremely livable place with a welcoming community and hostile working environment, you will be amazed by it’s encouraging, supportive and positive learning environment, as well. In short, Adelaide is definitely a place where you just not live your life but enjoy your life.

Why you should choose to study in Adelaide

  • One of the major reasons behind choosing this amazing city in Australia is its cheaper or we could say economical lifestyle. Being an international student, you must choose a place where you can see the affordability of all expenses. It is 24% more affordable in comparison to Sydney, whereas 20% more than in Melbourne.
    The place has not one but many options of globally ranked academic institutes that have been meeting the highest standard of the Australian educational framework for ages.
  • For international students, the foremost thing is safety and security with privacy and Adelaide offers it with a satisfactory quality of life. If you have moved here, your days wouldn’t be dull, for sure!
  • Education, career, or any other hobby requires traveling and the Australian government has made Adelaide a place with a greatly impressive and feasible transport system. It has one of the finest public transport facilities with special student discounts making living easier.
  • By living and studying in Australia, you can get an American or British degree because they have their university campuses in Adelaide.
  • The University of Adelaide has graduated more Nobel Laureates in comparison to any other local or national educational centers.

Prestigious universities in Adelaide

Adelaide is considered a pioneer regarding university education. For instance, The University of Adelaide is one of the top-most ranked centers for offering top-notch learning. This place has been giving us intellectuals and scholars from the past years. It has an international reputation for academic research. Adelaide’s 3 long-established universities are famous among foreign students for their excellent staff, informative course outline, and well-trained faculty.

Recently, Adelaide’s reputation has been augmented with the addition of two of the globe’s best institutions:

  1. Carnegie Mellon Heinz College Australia
  2. University College London (UCL)

You can choose any degree, any course, any field as per your interest. It has a variety of private, government-owned, and semi-private or semi-governmental institutes. Besides higher education providers, you will be provided with exclusive opportunities to undertake TAFE courses.

The University of South Australia must be on your list of preferable universities. It uses advanced teaching and cutting-edge learning methods for better education. Flinders University is also a good option to test your mental capacity, physical capabilities, and professional skills. It has a large campus with pretty much all progressive facilities. Torrens University is one of the recent universities made in Adelaide which delivers bachelor and master’s degrees in all fields. Southern Cross Education Institute (SCEI) is the best place to enhance your speaking, listening, and writing English Language skills. Endeavour College of Natural Health is one of the most recommended and high-standard private colleges. It is comparatively expensive but worth the value.

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