How Netherlands could be a best place for foreign studies

Going to Europe for studies? We must say the perfect choice! Not only because it is the best vacation spot but also it has an impressive academic framework, high-class education, and internationally recognized degrees to offer. If we talk about the possible choices, you will be overwhelmed. Europe means a whole lot of the world’s greatest and biggest countries! Every state has its advantages and disadvantages.

Today, we are only telling you why you must choose the Netherlands or AT LEAST keep it in open options! Foreign studies worth the risk ONLY if you are studying at the right institute, getting the right degree, and living the right life with the right future career plans. And, trust me, thinking about all those things, Netherlands might be your good fit.

The Netherlands – A land of opportunities

The Netherlands has always been on the long list of students who want to continue their studies in any famous and prestigious international university. There is not one but many benefits given to international scholars in the Netherlands. First of all, an outstanding ‘student’ exposure at the greatest level. The learning experience in the Netherlands is known to be pretty inspiring and impressive. Regardless of being a small state, it has a significant number of impactful educational institutes. The local communities with welcoming hearts are a big plus of studying in the Netherlands. Their multi-ethnic society will make you learn things you can learn sitting at home!

Do you know how many big, fortune international companies have set up their headquarters in the Netherlands? It means the economy, professions, employability, and market are flourishing. As per the surveys, the locals and foreigners, both, find it easier to get employment.

Oh, do not worry about their language. You will do great as the people are found to be conversing comfortably in English. In fact, it is ranked 3rd in the world for English (as a 2nd language) proficiency. Otherwise, the official languages include only Dutch and Frisian.

Top Universities of Netherlands

If you are making your mood to join some Dutch for future studies, here are the names of the most famous, and reputable universities with high-standard of education.

  • The Wittenborg University
  • The Webster University
  • The Radboud University
  • The University of Twente
  • VU-Amsterdam University

Out of all the Netherlands ’ universities, 13 are ranked among the top-most institutes around the globe, by QS ranking. Besides the above-mentioned universities, you will come across a plethora of influential institutions. In the Netherlands, the recommended courses to pick are Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing and Health Sciences or Medicine.

Scholarships for international students in the Netherlands

They offer a wide range of academic scholarships, as per the student’s needs. You can either apply for a need-based or merit-based scholarship, whatever suits you and requires you to continue your education. In the Netherlands, there are scholarships offered through government officials, as well as from and private universities.

What else is better than completing your education from any globally recognized university on fully-funded scholarships!? But do remember, you have to work hard to get the scholarship because of the high competition in the market.

Study cost in the Netherlands

Everyone must be worried about the finances of international studies. But, studying in the Netherlands is pretty affordable. Especially, cities like Amsterdam are not much expensive to live in, in fact cheap, offering a reasonable lifestyle and standard quality. Surprisingly, the tuition fees for the universities go as low as 8000 Euros.




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