Why study in Germany for higher education

Germany has been trending among international students for years. Some people might call it too mainstream but no wonder why Germany has become the academic hub so fast.

Being a recommended state for higher education, it has provided all international students with unlimited helpful resources. Completing your education in Germany can be your golden chance and a wonderful moment of your life as it will clear your future career path. If you start searching you will come across a broad range of prestigious universities that are delivering up to the mark education through innovative learning and efficient teaching methods.

Added to your surprise, more than 45 German universities have been ranked in the top 1000 institutes on global QS ranking.

Education in Germany

No doubt, Germany is a top destination for the international intellectual students who are not only willing to complete education but get astounding student and learning experience which also enhances their professional capabilities and make them learn new in-field skills.

There is not a single university that offers low-standard education. Besides affordability, quality makes Germany a desirable place.

Admission without IELTS

Germany is the center of education for the past decade, because of its accessible courses, affordable standard lifestyle, matchless education quality, high-class academic outline, multiple scholarships, and a long list of various degrees. But, you are forgetting one point that enhances its importance and that is, the admission without IELTS. The sudden augmented student traffic is because now you can enroll yourself in a famous German university without passing IELTS or any other sort of English language test.

As long as you provide your authentic evidence of completing your previous education in the English language you are welcomed, besides, another alternative way is the interview (audio or video) to ensure that you can understand, speak, write and read English, satisfactorily.

Looking for universities in Germany that enroll students without IELTS? Here are the top three places.

  1. University of Koblenz and Landau
  2. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  3. Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)

Can you study in Germany without learning German? 

The answer is as simple as Yes! If you know English well, you don’t have to waste your time learning the German language. And trust me, IT IS TOUGH!

Well, if you think, you lack English proficiency and can’t learn German, you must register in any of the renowned English taught courses. This is also a reason behind the increased student traffic.

Admission criteria

These differ as per the institute and state demands but we can help you provide with certain general admission requirements.

  1. First of all, you must be eligible for the course, which means you must have studied all the prerequisites.
  2. Have the desired score in language proficiency test (if applies)
  3. Provide proof of financial stability to ensure that you can support yourself while you study, without needing any external financial aid

Pro tip? Always lookout for the course-specific requirements.


 Take away point

Before choosing a state and university, do check all the possible scholarship options for more convenience. In Germany, you will come across a variety of government offered and university-specific scholarships financing your accommodation, tuition or admission fees, daily life expenditures, etc. And, DAAD Scholarships is one of the most preferred, considered as a German Academic Exchange Service especially designed for foreign students.


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