What Fast track study in Canada means

Canada will always be a place from where you can get high-class study. All degrees from Canadian universities are accepted and respected internationally. For international students, affordability matters and this country offers an economical, high-quality lifestyle along with a wide range of employment options, even when you have not graduated. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many changes have been made to accommodate foreigners as well as local students.

Where education is a necessity and cannot be stopped, international students are also the source of economic stability in Canada. As per the situation and for ease, the following measures have been taken and the procedure to complete foreign education are changed.

New education features regulated by the Canadian Government 

If you have applied and forwarded your application online, you will be given priority and your application will be processed first. This is the first rule applied to looking over the student visa processing for faster completion.

The introduction of the “temporary 2-stage approval procedure” has been started. It is tailored for international students especially those who may not get the chance to file their student visa application and now need to complete their courses through distance learning.

One of the major and most beneficial acts included allowing the foreign students to keep the track of their total time spent on competing in their Canadian course through distance learning or online while staying in their native country. Because this time will be added up to the student’s eligibility to process the application for a future post-graduation work visa. It comes with only ONE condition and that is…the student must have completed their 50% of the degree from Canada.

What is a Temporary 2-stage visa for foreign students?

Consider it a fundamental requirement as well as mandatory to apply for the student visa application for Canadian education. Being an international student, you would be needing this document if you are intended to stay in Canada for educational purposes but more than 6 months. It has two stages.

Stage 1

If you have successfully passed stage one, the student will be given approval-in-principle to obtain a valid student visa, but in order to pass stage 1, you must meet certain criteria. You need to show a letter of acceptance, proof of financial stability, and submit Certificat d’acceptation du Québec if you have taken admission in any of the Quebec universities. Besides, the student must provide evidence of being a bona fide student which obliges the student to not stay longer than the requirement and especially when the student visa has expired. Most importantly, the individual should be having family ties in Canada, any province.

Stage 2

If you meet all the above-mentioned requirements, you need to provide the remaining necessary documents to get the final sanction of traveling to Canada. You must submit an immigration medical examination, Biometrics, and Police verification.

Done with all the documents? Viola! You can visit Canada as there will be no border restrictions.



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