Study options for foreigners in Italy

One of the most frequent questions is…IS ITALY A GOOD PLACE TO STUDY? If you need three words to answer, it is YES. And you need more details, go read our blog!

Italy offers unlimited places for tourism and sightseeing, but that is not ALL. Besides being the land of pure love, unique culture, and impressive history, it is home to over 36 top-class and globally ranked academic institutes. In Europe, you will be overwhelmed with all the options you can have for getting higher education but Italy has many special things to offer that make it one of the popular education destinations.

Universities in Italy you can have the best chance to study the English language, especially beneficial for international scholars. The fact that makes it desirable is not only lovely communities and land beauty but also affordability. Shocked to hear? I bet! In comparison to other European places, Italy has lesser living and educational expenses.

Planning on going to Italy for education? Here are your best options for courses to choose from.

Fashion and Design 

Living in Italy where Rome and Milan are considered the CENTER of the fashion world, how can you not think of choosing arts and design to study! In Italian fashion designing universities, you will come across the most vibrant culture and you will be amazed to see how efficient and informative their courses are. You have the freedom to choose from Digital Designing courses, as well, such as CAD, product design, interior design, etc.

Florence Institute of Design, Academia De Lusso, and Milan School of Design are your best choices to select as they offer internationally acknowledged degrees.

Arts courses 

When it comes to studying arts, go no further and see Italian universities as Italy comes with remarkable and inspiring art history. To study Fine Arts or Performing Arts might be your golden opportunity. Regardless of the course type and qualification level, you will find all campuses extremely beneficial. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in painting, sculpting, digital art, and many others. Rome University of Fine Arts, Florence Classical Arts Academy, and IED – Milan must be on your list.

Hospitality & Tourism

For the top-class and professionally respected degree in Hospitality and Tourism, go straight to Italy. It has not only the most skilled educators but qualified professionals and impressive course outlines to enhance your knowledge, and skills while preparing you for future opportunities. Mostly the courses are associated with the management of their particular characteristic of the hospitality and tourism industry. University IULM, Guglielmo Marconi University, and Rome Business School offer the best courses.

Social Science & Humanities

Solely focused on studying human behavior and the particular reaction, socializing pattern along with social, financial, environmental, and cultural impacts, the Italian universities have so many things to offer. No matter, if you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree you can choose from a wide scope of courses including Public Administration, International Cooperation, World Politics & International Relations, etc. The University of Pavia, the Tor Vergata University of Rome, and the University of Siena have the best courses to offer.



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