Netherlands Study guide for Indian students

Are you an Indian student? Do you plan on going to the Netherlands for education? If yes, then you are going on the right path!

For all the foreign intellectual students, Netherlands has been trending because of its extremely satisfactory educational system. It is counted as the top-best educational destination not only among the European states but all around the globe. It is home to the finest academic framework, tactical learning, impressive educational environment, competent educators, and brilliant research facilities. All set for a student who needs to flourish, who dreams of success, who needs a bright future!

Coming back to the Indians, studying in the Netherlands can never go wrong. It offers a huge number of internship and job opportunities, as well as for research. All Dutch institutes, both academically and professionally, are on the top of the list of globally ranked universities.

Indian Students studying in the Netherlands

Well, if you don’t believe it, then you can see for yourself. As per the surveys, the rate of Indian students moving to the Netherlands for educational purposes is only increasing or we can say doubling. There are many reasons behind choosing Dutch institutes but one of the biggest reasons is that you do not need to learn Dutch. The Netherlands is flexible enough to provide you courses that are taught in the English language instead of Dutch.

Almost every university is delivering English Taught courses specially tailored to tailor the expectations of international students.

Indian Student Visa requirements

Depending on the location, as we are discussing India, the two most essential requirements need to be completed. The first is MVV and the second is VVR. In case you don’t know what these are, we are pleased to help!

The MVV permit is demanded by the Indian students for border clearance or we can say for entry whereas the VVR is somewhat closely linked to or considered as a resident permit for Indians. It is granted for a year. You are allowed to extend if you are left with your degree courses. Besides these two documents, the visa procedure is the same.

Work in the Netherlands for Indian scholars

Being an Indian student, you need to have a valid and legal student visa to work. If you are interested in doing employment, you will be allowed only to work part-time. The hour’s limitation is 20 hrs. per week.

Have you graduated from any Dutch University already? Apply for the Stay Back Visa, as soon as possible. It also permits the student to do any sort of paid or unpaid job. Its duration depends on two factors: the length of the course and the qualification level.

Dutch Lifestyle for Indian Students

Now the question is, “Would be the Indian students happy and feel comfortable in Dutch society?”. Obviously, YES, why not?! This state has one of the most liberal communities with welcoming and hostile people. You will be amazed to see its diversity in culture. The transition will not be easier, for sure, but it is compromising because almost 90% of Dutch can understand, speak and talk in English. The Netherlands is also placed at 5th rank in the world happiness index.


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