How can you apply for French residency permit?

Why France is the top education destination?

Do you France has been ranked on a 2nd place in a global ranking of states that are the most preferable options for international students to compete higher education. Adding to your surprise, around 18 spectacular French universities are also ranked in the top 250 institutes that are responsible for offering elite education experience, beneficial exposure and high-class education system.

The French institutes that made into the top 100 for proving the highest employability rate for fresh graduates include:

  1. CentraleSupélec
  2. HEC Paris
  3. Ecole Polytechnique
  4. Paris Sciences et Lettres
  5. EM Lyon
  6. Mines Paris Tech
  7. EDHEC Business School
  8. Sorbonne Université
  9. ESSEC.

What is the French residency permit?

As the name reflect, it is an official document that supports your claim of being a permanent resident of France. Having a valid France residency permit means the international student can stay in any city of the France. For all the students or tourists who tend to stay longer than the period of three-months needs this as a necessary document. If you want to enjoy the right of a citizen, you must have this permit.

How can you apply for French residency permit?

Typically, the application to apply for a French residency permit was used to be processed and completed at the student’s local prefecture But, now after considering certain laws, the French Interior Ministry is providing an online portal to all the international students. You can process your application online which is more effective, quicker, easier and stress-free method. No tension of setting an appointment. All you need is a few essential documents. You would find the website highly user-friendly.

If you belong to the non-European state, the first step must be to get a valid student visa and the second step is to get an official issued carte de séjour residence card/permit depending on the duration of the degree. Here is the detailed steps:

  1. Open the online portal available on the carte de séjour
  2. Choose your nationality
  3. Pick the estimated or confirmed length of stay
  4. Upload the scanned documents. The files are acceptable in the form of PDF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG. The documents must be within the 5MB
  5. Wait for the confirmation email
  6. Visit your préfecture for biometric information

Benefits of applying online for residency Permit

  1. No need of meetings or in-person appointments
  2. Minimum documents are required
  3. The portal is provided in French and English
  4. The website has auto-save feature and in case you have forgotten some paper, you can go back the pages and upload it
  5. Your online application will be saved for maximum 20 days
  6. Easy to fill and solve, submit and process
  7. A paperless process that does not require foreign students to visit the offices unnecessarily
  8. You can keep a track on your application. It will keep you aware about your application status
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