Top French institutes for engineering degrees

According to the latest 2021 survey and world ranking, France has marked its place in the top-most countries offering the best quality engineering degrees that are also professionally accredited and are globally accepted. France has become a top preference of international students to pursue the Engineering degree, regardless of the qualification level.

In this article, you will get to know some of the finest French institutes with top-quality engineering degrees. But let us start with understanding the types of engineering provided:

Diplôme d’Ingénieur

Oh, what a surprising and fascinating name. It comes on the same qualification level as Masters in Europe. A five-year engineering degree which is globally accepted as “Master of Science in Engineering”. Sounds pretty respectable!

Specialized Engineering Degrees

It is a type of specialization that is offered in France by the previous engineering degree. It will be of 1year duration if you have completed a 5years degree in engineering. Or else, it will be of 2years duration in case of having 4years course completion in Engineering studies.

MS engineering degree

It is the most preferred and commonly chosen pathway. Might be the easiest one for international students. This MS degree is especially offered in reputable Grande Ecoles. Their course outline is entirely fixated on specialized branches of engineering such as technical, mechanical, or civil.

Top universities for engineering degrees

PSL Research University

Franked 1st on the France ranking, it has several engineering courses to offer based on an outstanding academic outline. Apart from competent knowledge, you will learn in-field skills that are required for the future career. Engineering education is offered on both graduate-level and research level with matchless research amenities. It is known for arts, humanities, and social sciences.


Are you interested in digital engineering? This is your best option. Both campuses, in Paris and in Sophia Antipolis, are providing excellent degrees in Computer Science and Communication Engineering with Software Engineering, Networking, Economics, Electronics, Finance, and Signal Processing. You will learn some progressive tactics. It has a higher employability rate.

Ecole Polytechnique

One of the oldest institutes, it is also the founding member of ParisTech (a group of engineering universities located in Paris), which is the highlight. It brings 4years of Engineering degrees with the best academic framework. Although it is ranked in 57th place in the world ranking, it has so much to offer. After degree completion, you will see yourself as a person equipped with impressive professional skills. It has a higher employability rate.

Electrical Engineering and Structural & Functional Engineering of Biomolecules are the top picks.

Universite Grenoble Alpes

This public institute is popular among international students for engineering degrees. Situated in the Grenoble, it is admired being an innovation center of French Alpes. It is the best place to get science and technology-based engineering courses. The institute can provide you the best opportunities to conduct impressive, extensive, and cutting-edge research. Besides, it has an affordable fee structure.


One of the best French engineering universities it is, loaded with a wide range of courses. It is a Grande Ecoles that features feasible schedules, well-trained educators, and effective student support services. This institute is famous for the “Engineering Sciences programs”, The silver lining is its membership with the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research.


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