Foreign Scholarships-easy way out

Studying abroad can be really expensive and that is why, it is advised to find yourself a suitable, accessible, and feasible scholarship. In Europe, you will come across a number of scholarship opportunities. Whenever the time comes to choose a place, every student tries to pick an economical location with a lesser fee, cheaper lifestyle, and affordable living cost. Truly speaking, the burden of cost can be heavy.

The best part is that now the students are provided the brilliant option to apply for on-campus financial assistance. Depending on the university, you can get a variety of packages aiding you to complete your education at an affordable price. Foreign scholarships are categorized into two as per the sources:

  • Government-sponsored (for instance, German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD)
  • University-specific
  • Private organizations or corporations (for instance, The Chrysler Foundation, the Rotary Foundation, etc.)

You need to get in contact with your respective institute’s financial services office to keep yourself updated about the upcoming scholarships and their eligibility. Browsing through the internet can be a quick method but is not as convenient as counseling with institute’s officials. This way, you will be able to understand the process and eligibility of the scholarship in a better way.

A few cities also offer college students the chance to get higher education from international institutes through delivering loans or through granting scholarships based on either need or merit. It may be in the form of tuition waivers or work programs. Besides, as far as Institutional aid is concerned, it can be sourced through alumni, faculty, or donations.

Who is eligible for scholarships?

  • Students with a valuable academic background can avail themselves of multiple scholarships based on several criteria.
  • Besides having educational eligibility, if the student has shown extremely good performance in specified entry tests, he or she can apply for a scholarship.
  • And another big trait on which you can ask for the scholarship is outstanding curricular achievements in terms of arts, designs, sports, theater, or any other activity.

In short, to make yourself eligible for the international or national scholarship awards, you must have something exceptional.

Types of scholarships

Well, if you are thinking the scholarships are only provided in degree, you are mistaken. You can consider the abroad scholarships as the monetary support for foreign scholars covering the expense of traveling, accommodation or rents, learning material and books, and the list continues.

Every European state has different types of foreign scholarships, merit-based being the largest part. Other criteria are:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity (for minority)
  • Caste
  • Family background
  • Financial stability
  • Specific Program scholarship (granted on specific educational or personal accomplishments)
  • Specific subject scholarship (awarded by the related institution for a certain degree or a program)

Some of the common study abroad scholarship includes:

  • Aviation scholarship
  • The American Graphic Institute Design
  • Global Study Abroad
  • Scholar Trips
  • SP Jain Global Business Scholarships
  • Rural Students Scholarship Essay Contest
  • Achieve scholarship
  • MSC Scholarship

Federal government scholarship

  • National Security Education Program (NSEP)
  • Fulbright Program

These two picks have been offering financial aid and fellowships to all international undergraduate and graduate students.


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