European states offering Free Education

Being a foreigner, the most important aspect that every student must look into is FINANCES. Lacking enough funds to continue higher education not only from abroad but also from a famous and popular institute might be the biggest hurdle you would face.

With time, the states has revolutionized the face of education by providing education either on nominal tuition fees or free of cost. The EU/EEA institutions are acknowledged for their inexpensive education without lacking the quality. With a wide range of academic courses, financial aid makes education easier, approachable, and accessible. In comparison to other English speaking states, the European Universities are found more affordable. Because of the fully-funded scholarships provided by the government and universities, companies, or political organizations. Adding to your surprise, now you can study for free in Europe.


Norway treats every student equally and provides the chance to get their dream education. How? Through scholarships and free education. 

Yes, you have heard it right. Even Norway offers you free of cost degrees of all the courses at all the qualification levels. The state-funded public Universities of Norway are not charging any tuition fee, not even the minimal except the registration fee. Although, in Private universities, you have to pay the tuition fees. Every international student can process his application for free education in Norway.

Well, remember, the criteria for admission is pretty high in Norway and increased competition can make it difficult for you to get a spot for yourself among the students’ list who are going to have a free education.


Although the Netherlands is not as famous as other states, it has the degree status that is respected in the globe.

You can find broad offers of scholarships in Dutch universities as well as the chance to get free education but as we said earlier, the competition is tough so you will need to work harder. If you are willing to study in Norway for either bachelor’s and master’s degree, you will get satisfactory financial aid.

The University of Amsterdam, TU Delft, University of Maastricht, and the University of Groningen are the best options to choose from. To get a fully paid scholarship, you must have an excellent academic background with proof of a language proficiency test.


Just so you know, the German public institutes are usually funded by the state government. It means they are not charging any fee to provide higher education, regardless of the field. Students do not have to pay the tuition fees but if you are applying for the Master’s degree, you might be charged a minimal registration fee.

English taught courses at a reasonable cost is a plus! International students are now enjoying free education in the English language from the German institutes. 

If you are studying in a private institute, you need to pay the fee. Cannot pay? Not a problem. Get yourself a scholarship.


Another European state that has an elite education framework is Finland. And the best part is it’s free of cost education, affordable lifestyle, and unlimited financial aid. The government-funded institutions of Finland are providing free tuition fee education to intellectual foreign students. If you are eligible for the fully paid scholarships, you must process the application, right away.

The only drawback is that if you are enrolled in the English taught course, you will be charged for tuition and registration fee every semester. The degrees taught in Finnish and Swedish languages are granted free.

Willing to study in the globally high ranked University but has no financial guarantee? Apply to Finnish university and enjoy your golden student life phase.


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