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It is nothing surprising to know that Switzerland is a place where every area is loaded with endless beauty and that is why it is known as a fairy-tale country. Studying in a place where surroundings are inviting is a big plus but still, we advise you to keep the education standard, degree, and affordability first. Amazingly, apart from natural beauty, the state is found to be steady in terms of education.

Imagine studying in a place with breath-taking sceneries and a culture that is care-free.

Education standard

In Switzerland, you would be amazed to see the high-standard academics along with an encouraging learning environment. If we start comparing the past and present of the Swiss higher education system, you will be left awestruck to see how many refinements and advancements have been done to the education sector in both public and private. We can say, separate academic mini-systems for all 26 cantons are formulated differently, whereas at the same time they are following nationally accepted educational standards.

Due to providing the best academic customs and maintaining standards, most of the universities are ranked high in the global ranking of top-class institutions. No matter, what degree you are seeking, you will get the golden chance to get professionally accredited degrees from internationally recognized campuses.

Nowadays, a huge number of international students are migrating to Switzerland to complete their dream degrees. and you will not be disappointed with the student life experience as it will not only enhance your theoretical knowledge but also polish your skills and professional capabilities. The reason is the rigorous development of the country’s educational framework. The swiss institutes will give extraordinary attention to your learning.

Most unique courses

Well, in Switzerland, you will come across a few degrees that are taught so efficiently in comparison to other states that you have to look no further. Some of the most unique courses you must look into while applying are:

  1. Watchmaking
  2. Petro-chemistry
  3. Engineering
  4. Fine mechanics
  5. Pharmacology

Education phases

There are three phases of education or in simple words “levels of qualification”, just like other states:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Master’s degree
  3. Doctorate or Ph.D. course

Student support services

Switzerland has been assisting international students with a variety of student support services for ages. All swiss institutes have been providing all the necessary facilities for better learning. The government also encourages talented youth to get an education at a reasonable price along with other remarkable benefits.

International students are not only appealed to a wide range of degrees offered in different languages, but also to the practical approach of the swiss academic framework.

You can ask for financial aid, counseling sessions, learning guidance, or career guidance. All you need is to ask and you will be provided with all the possible services. Most of the swiss university professors and students actively participate in all sorts of research tasks, offered by a broad scope of international doctorate degrees delivered in Switzerland.

Languages for courses

All courses are taught in 4 primary languages:

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. English


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