Study abroad – Education in Poland

Considering Poland as your study destination? Perfect choice!

In all the European states, Poland is also on the list of places that has so much to offer that you will not be disappointed with your selection. It comes with almost all the facilities one student can ask for especially if the student is international.

The number of foreign students in Poland is increasing tremendously and is a little wonder to know. Getting high-class education from an internationally acknowledged institute and surprisingly at an affordable cost..pretty impressive! But now, it is possible as Poland is providing degrees based on the top-notch academic framework that makes you competent not academically but also professionally.

Bologna process

The Polish system of education is typically comprised of three essential steps. The education services based on the bologna process, include universities, technical universities, academies, colleges, and schools. Here are the cycles that also applies to international scholars:

  • 1st cycle – undergraduate studies that come in two fields as a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. In Polish, we say “licencjat and inżynier”, respectively.
  • 2nd cycle – postgraduate studies that are based on the same courses as a Master of Arts or Master of Science or in Polish we say as “magister”.
  • 3rd cycle – doctoral studies is the last cycle or step that is known as doktor in Polish.

Globally acknowledged institutions 

Well, the perks of studying in Poland will never be calculated. But, let’s just start from the long list of higher-education organizations in Poland, almost 400. Poland is respected as an available European state, that preserves a strong and mixed cultural history with wide-ranging viewpoints. It means you will have a tremendous student life experience in any of the Polish academic centers.

The universities are designed to enhance your theoretical knowledge along with equipping you with all the necessary skills that you might be needing to get a successful career.

Tuition fees in Poland

 Coming to another most significant feature, the affordability. You would be amazed to see how reasonable the tuition fee is charged by local and international students. No matter if it is public or private, you will be provided with a lesser fee structure comparatively.

Here is an estimated fee you will be paying for the different levels of qualifications

  • 2,000 EUR for Bachelor’s degree, Master degree, and professional courses
  • 3,000 EUR for doctorate degrees as well as for the specialized and vocational degrees

Well, if we start comparing public and private universities, the public will cost much less. While studying at a public institute, the normal tuition fee is somewhere near 50,000 EUR/year. With the increase of the education level and course specialty, the range might differ. To get admission to a public university, you need to work harder as the competition is high. And especially, in case you are applying for the studies based on a variety of funding or student support for instance scholarship, you might need to put in the extra effort.

Most of the polish institutions are very generous to offer monetary assistance through funding programs. Some of your options are:

  • Scholarships provided by the Government officials
  • Financial aids offered through the bilateral agreements signed with other countries
  • Monetary assistance for specifically for the citizens belonging to the developing countries 
  • Specialized scholarships
  • Academic awards and EU-specific programs
  • Student loans with a reasonable deadline of the return
  • Part-time employment in the field related to your degree


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