Study Abroad – Why should you choose Italy

It is no doubt that Italian academic centers are acknowledged, worldwide. Italy has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign students. The reasons are not few but many. Besides, Italy is a land of love and who would like to miss their chance of having a lifetime experience?

In comparison to other Western European states, Italy has surpassed the criteria of being the best educational destination. The trend of migrating to Italy has been increasing and as far as the past years are concerned, more than 32,000 international students have been studying in Italy. That is the total amount of students who are studying independently and through exchange programs.

Standards of higher-education

Well, Italy is ranked on the top for its high-quality education, impressive academic framework, and most importantly professionally accredited degrees. Apart from all the respect and repute, the moderate cost that students need to pay to get a degree from a renowned institute is just another highlight that cannot be taken for granted.

Italy functions on this specific education process called Bologna, as it is also on the list of the states who used this rule in the first place. With 89 colleges, there are a few levels of higher education. Completing undergraduate degrees (4-year college education – ‘laurea’) leads you to the master’s degree relevant to your field, and then finally getting a graduate degree or we can say laurea Magistrale in Italian.

Traditional values and innovative academics 

Studying in a place where you get the chance to learn a new culture, get to know interesting history is a big plus. Rich diverse traditions infused with the convention educational approaches is something extra that will definitely leave you amazed.

All Italian institutes have been implying the latest teaching and cutting-edge learning techniques just to facilitate the studies of the students. All awesome great individuals, I mean faculty, will give you a competent but healthy learning environment.


Coming to another aspect of studying in Italy is that the majority of the degrees are taught in the Italian language. Well, don’t get disappointed because the list of the degrees that are offered in the English language is easily accessible and the number is expanding considering the extent of international students. It is particularly valid on graduate-level degrees. So, it might be possible to get yourself registered for the degrees instructed in the English language.

Educational cost

A significant part of the expenses is usually spent on the university’s tuition fee and other charges. But Italian institutions are found to be much lower in cost making them an attractive choice for remote students. Although, the educational cost depends on certain factors. For instance, in comparison to the private ones, the public colleges charge less. No matter if you are an EU or non-EU student, you may be lucky enough to discover a moderately charged degree. Besides, the level of qualification and institution standard also matters.

Financial assistance

When we talk about the student support services, Italy must be placed up high. There are multiple sorts of financial aid that are offered to all international and domestic students. The academic scholarships are accessible and depending on the criteria, the international students can process applications accordingly.

But remember, the students considering Italy as their study abroad destination must start the procedure 8-12 months before admission.


  • If you have an EU background, you do not need to get yourself a visa for getting an education in Italy.
  • If you have a non-EU background, you would be needing a valid and updated student visa.


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