Studying in France is just like the dream come true! 

Well, it would not be wrong to say that France is a land of opportunities, a land of surprising elements that includes not only beautiful nature, a welcoming community, and rich cultural history but also scholarships, exceptional academics, attractive infrastructure, and golden career breaks.

Where France has love to offer, it has outstanding education to provide, as well.

Importance of scholarships 

It goes without saying but scholarship is something that makes life abroad definitely easier. Getting a scholarship can be hard and requires time, effort and so many other talents but if you are determined enough, you can avail yourself of one.

With the help of financial aid, you can manage your daily living expenses in the best possible manner. although French institutes are not expensive in terms of education but having a scholarship can be a big plus.

Scholarships in France

If you are planning to study in France, you will come across an extensive list of scholarships that can be availed if you fall within the eligibility criteria. Almost all French institutes are offering a scholarship on all ranks of qualification (bachelor, master, doctorate). The scholarships are open to all the local (French) and international (EU and non-EU) students.

Types of scholarships

It would not be wrong to say but multiple sources are providing scholarships to the students. Government-funded is the most popular one, but you can also apply for the EU-funded scholarships. Scholarships funded by the national government and regional councils are the largest in number. Government-funded scholarships are categorized in two. One is for the French students or permanent French residents. The second is for the foreigners. As far as the regulatory body is concerned, the International scholarships are managed by the French embassies. 

Apart from these two typical ways, there are scholarships granted by Private Schools, by the university itself, and other higher education institutions that have partnerships. Private funding usually applicable to the higher-level degrees, regardless of the courses. It is also valid for the research students.

Adding to the long list of scholarships offered, you will find several scholarships provided through the other government officials (states) and other countries’ private Institutions and these can help you study in French institutes.

French Government Scholarship 

  • Charpak Scholarship
  • Raman Charpak for Ph.D.
  • Eiffel Scholarship
  •  ll de France Master Scholarship

Eligibility of scholarships

The French scholarships are availed on multiple factors but the highlighted ones are:

  • Need-based 
  • Basis of merit (academic)
  • Affirmative action for different social groups 
  • Based on extra-curricular activities including arts and sports
  • Degree-specific
  • Based on the research

Conditions and requirements 

The terms, conditions, and relations for every scholarship differ and the changes are subjected to the field of study and level of degree as well. In most cases, the scholarship age range is from 25 to 30. And now comes the visa which is not required for the EU and EEA students but needs to have an established residency. Foreign students must possess a student visa, granted by the French embassy.

Sometimes, the students need to pay the fees but on the condition that they will be reimbursed. Besides, there is an option where a monthly stipend (200 to 1.200 €) is provided to the student but it can vary as per the type of scholarship.

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