Why choose France for foreign education

Whenever you are choosing a place, always weigh out the pros and cons of the institute before finalizing. Coming to Europe, you would find a long list of places that have some of the most reputable, prestigious, and internationally recognized universities. And, we can imagine how overwhelming, confusing, and challenging it could be. Well, to help you out, we are discussing how France is one of the most preferred locations to get an education.

Surprisingly, France has globally ranked institutes that offer a beautiful infrastructure, incredible studying environment, impressive academic framework, assisting staff, and highly qualified faculty. It is ranked among the top three countries for studying abroad, globally. don’t you think that France has so much to offer but people don’t know?! Pity! But with time, international students have become aware and each year scholars from various corners of the world are moving to France to experience the elite educational exposure.

Reasons to study in France

France is getting more and more popular among international students. And if you are still curious WHY it has been the priority of international students, read our blog. Here we are highlighting a few basic factors that have made it one of the top-recommended options.

Economical lifestyle

The most important factor is its affordable lifestyle with a reasonable tuition fee structure. Getting a top-quality education at a much lesser price is a real treat, indeed. In comparison to the USA and UK, they offer inexpensive education of the same quality grade.

Internationally recognized degrees

In France , you will get professionally accredited courses that are accepted internationally. All French universities have high-grade qualifications that are highly valued all around the world. No matter, if it is any certificate or short duration diploma, they are equally respected and acknowledged.

Scholarships for international students

Another major benefit is its long list of feasible scholarships, that are specially tailored to meet the needs of international students. You will get a variety of scholarships that are not only merit-based but also need-based. Plus, they have the easiest procedures. Not only French Government Scholarships are offered but also Non-Government, and Institution-specific. More options for the scholarship include Academic Excellence, Language Proficiency, and Extracurricular Indulgence.

Broad range of universities and courses

Having a wide scope of admired universities is another plus point. Not only universities, but you will be provided with unlimited options for degrees and courses. Added to the surprises, more than 10 French universities are ranked in the top-level global campuses.

Job opportunities

If you get an opportunity to work while completing degree, consider it. It might be another golden chance for the students to expand their learning, equip themselves with in-field skills, and enhance their social exposure. A study visa permits international students to work for 20hrs./week maximum.

Safe student life

A student life in France will definitely be an unforgettable experience. That is not only due to its lavish lifestyle but also because of its safe and secure environment. Living in a foreign land is already quite stressful but living in a state that offers student safety is a big plus. And, France has an extremely low crime rate.





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