No IELTS for foreign education

Well, today, we are talking about one of the hot topics in the education sector. And that is, whether you can study without giving IELTS or not in any of the foreign institutes regarding any level of qualification.

As far as the non-native English speakers are concerned, passing the English language tests is definitely a tougher task. But, now the days of stressing are OVER! Most of the recommended European educational destinations have been applying the rule in top-notch universities to grant admission to international students even if they have not passed their language proficiency test.

There are degrees offered with other eligibility criteria that fulfill the necessity of IELTS. And remember, the requirement of NO IELTS does not come at the expense of quality of education. No matter if you are a student with passed IELTS or no IELTS, you will get all the necessary education assistance, course outline of the same quality, and similar student life exposure.

For your ease, we are highlighting some of the most famous study abroad destinations along with a list of popular institutions.


It is recognized for its yummiest cuisines and matchless fashion!

Well, in terms of cities that you might be looking for in case of not passing your English proficiency tests, it is another good choice. A wide range of high-ranked Italian academic schools follows the bologna process. But you will get the places without the requirement of IELTS.


Apart from providing a top-notch education, the academic framework includes the rule of granting degrees even if you have not passed your English language proficiency test. It is the best place for abroad studies not only because of its landmarks, rich culture, and diversified art but also due to the expanded number of prestigious universities.

The institutions in Paris that do not ask for IELTS include the American Business School, EBS, EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science, ESAIP School of Engineers, and ESC Rennes School of Business.

The replacement of the IELTS in French institutes is interviewing, either audio or video. Or, if you have proof of studying previously in the English Language, show it.


Going straight to the name: The Ghent University of Belgium!

Yes, it is one of the internationally recognized institutes, and to get a degree, you don’t have to give proof of your IELTS. The only admission criteria for the language you must fulfill is to provide evidence of previous studies that must be taught in English.


Germany is a top trending state for education. It has a pretty affordable lifestyle making it a desirable place for foreigners.

Consider it on the top of the list of the Best European Countries to study and work for an international student. There are few German Universities where you can apply without passing IELTS or any other language test. All you need is to show that you have your previous education completed in English.

Best picks are the University of Koblenz and Landau, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, and the TU Braunschweig.


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